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  1. Greg Metcalf

    ACC Assetto Corsa Competizione - Show off your custom liveries

    images for upload upload pic
  2. Greg Metcalf


    @David Dhoore this will probably be my new monitor
  3. Greg Metcalf

    Framerate down to around 35 fps :(

    Any ideas or suggestions to cure my low fps in raceroom. i have gone from a locked 120fps down to 35 which is unplayable. it was fine, then it just stopped working correctly. i have even uninstalled the game and reinstalled it, which has not helped :/ other games seem to be fine.
  4. Greg Metcalf

    Race Department FR X-17 race at Spa - My race

    My first real experience with the FR X-17
  5. Greg Metcalf

    FR X-17 purchased liveries

    Just a simple list of who has which livery in the hope of more variety. So if you bought one please post it's number here. #3 - #4 - #5 - Ethan Kearley #6 - #7 - #8 - #9 - Greg Metcalf, #10 - #11- #12 - #13 - Jazz Forsberg #14 - #15 - Ethan Kearley* #16 - Simon Fillingham, #17 - #18 - #19 -...
  6. Greg Metcalf

    A big staff thankyou

    I would just like to thank all staff at RRLeagues for giving us all a great and well ran community for us all to enjoy our hobby of sim racing. Especially @Simon Fillingham for bringing it all together and making it a very special place to race. I know the work he puts in is relentless and...
  7. Greg Metcalf

    RRL-AM-S2-DTM Round 8 Hungaroring GP - Race 1 & 2

    Race 1 Race 2
  8. Greg Metcalf

    RRL GR Season 3 Silhouette Round 3 Portimao Race 1 & 2

    Sorry for leaving the mic open and the low sound volume. Race 2 to follow shortly Race 1 Race2
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