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Crew Chief Turns 4 – Exclusive Interview With Jim Britton

Jon Patterson

Well-Known Member
Crew Chief, the acclaimed alternative race engineer for PC and console, has just celebrated its 4th anniversary! In that time it has become a must-have app for avid sim racers around the world, and has transformed the experience in many of today's most popular race sims.

To celebrate the occasion we sat down with the brain behind Crew Chief, Jim Britton, to talk about life on the road with "The Chief". You can listen to the full interview below:

We'd love for you to share some of your favourite Crew Chief moments below. Whether you laughed out loud after flipping your car on its roof, or you ended up doing your best Sebastian Vettel "Crazy Frog" impersonation over team radio, we want to hear about it!


"The Chief" ragging his Elise around Donington

Jon Patterson

Well-Known Member
Thanks once again to @mr_belowski for giving up his time to do the interview, and for the time he puts into both Crew Chief and RRL. Definitely giving back to the community and then some! Also a big thanks to all the collaborators who have helped Jim take Crew Chief far beyond what he ever would have imagined.

As for favourite Crew Chief moments, it's hard to single one out as there have been so many times The Chief has made me laugh, smile, hang my head in shame or snap the words "shut up!" :D That said, it's hard not to get goosebumps when you're hurtling towards Eau Rouge in a favourite car and your spotter calmly says "Three wide, you're in the middle"!

Simon Fillingham

Staff member
Driver Champion
I'm trying to think of amusing comments The Chief has said. There have a been a few that have taken me by surprise that i thought were quite good, but you know how it is.... 2 corners later it's totally forgotten. No end of times, no, that's not true, occasionally The Chief has given some duff information and i've thought 'I must tell Jim about that bug' or, 'i must tell Jim about this idea..' only to have it leave my mind to be replaced by some much more important information like 'how can i get another 1/10th out of this corner'.

Of course, just last weekend, The Chief cost me a penalty point on my licence when it decided to bizarrely interpret 'car ahead, last lap?' as 'chat, good pass' and posted in-game chat for me. :D

But all in all, its great. Makes you feel safe when you delve into a new sim, or a rarely played sim.

Luke Maney

New Member

I have been sim racing since 2007 (GTR3) and I find your Crew Chief app very useful. May I make some suggestions?
1...Add the ability to ask about sector times (would be very handy if the chief informed me when I am faster in a certain sector)
2...Add the ability to order the pitcrew to do things like add air to RF tire, increase front splitter/wing, rear wing/spoiler, etc...
3...Add more ways to ask the same question (it's hard to remember how to phrase my question when I'm racing)
4...Add strategy suggestions coming from the Chief...like the leader just pitted, so push to get a gap before you box...etc...
5...Have the chief say the same thing different ways (instead of saying the same thing over and over)...like "oh Luke your lap will be deleted". Could say next time I exceed the track limits...Your over the line again...Luke your over driving the track...Luke slow down turn 10...etc.
6...charge ($19.99) for your app, it's great and you should get paid for your hard work!

As for Crew Chief moments...I was astounded the first time I realized I could ask what tires someone was on, and when the chief told me the leader was pitting. The information the app gives me is very useful!

Thanks even if you don't implement my suggestions, it's a great Sim racing tool as is!
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