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RaceClub | ACC | 1.5hrs of Donington | Wednesday 24th February 2021

Added to Calendar: 24/02/21

Jak Camoletto

Staff member
Driver Champion
Events Coordinator
AM Cup Winner

RRLeagues are back with RaceClub!
The first event of 2021 will put us in Assetto Corsa Competizione and take us to the Derby countryside in the United Kingdom for a 90 minute GT3 & GT4 multi-class race around the Donington Park Grand Prix circuit. This will utilise the newly released British GT season content. As this is a solo event, no teams nor driver swaps will be involved.

This event is scheduled to take place on Wednesday 24th February 2021 and will feature an open practice session, short qualifying session and the race itself. Outright pace will not be the sole factor in class success here. Strategy, consistency, attention and negotiating traffic will all play vital roles in seeing the checkered flag unscathed, and potentially rewarding you with that sweet taste of Champagne.

Race Date: Wednesday 24th February 2021
Practice | 18:45 GMT (60 minutes) | In-game 13h; x1 multiplier; Sunday
Qualifying | 19:45 GMT (15 minutes) | In-game 15h; x1 multiplier; Sunday
Race | 20:00 GMT (90 minutes) | In-game 16h; x1 multiplier; Sunday

Server Name: RRLeagues.com | 1.5hrs of Donington Race Day
Password: Navigate to 'What's Up?' in the RaceApp menu

Practice Server: RRLeagues.com | 1.5hrs of Donington Practice
Password: (link)

The practice server will be up 24/7 in the ACC multiplayer lobby running the Race Session server settings.
RaceClub Rules: (here)

Server Settings
Ambient Temperature | 22°C
Clouds | 0.1
Rain | 0.0
Weather Randomness | 3
Tyre Set Count | 4
Mandatory Pit Stops | N/A
Refuelling Allowed During the Race | Yes
Compulsory Refuelling During Pit Stop | No
Compulsory Tire Change During Pit Stop | No
Formation Lap | One Free Formation Lap
Waiting Time Before & After The Race | 180 seconds

To register for this event please head over to RaceApp and navigate to the booking tab following this link:
Booking Password: rrldonington

This event will support custom car numbers and liveries made in game, but will not support external custom skins.
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Mike Wyatt

Well-Known Member
The USCG has changed our schedule slightly and I might be able to get home just before quali so don't be surprised if I pop in at the last minute. Of course I have only a few laps on this track so I'll be staying at the back and most of you won't see me even if I'm there :rolleyes:


Well-Known Member
Race report:
I signed up for the event with the Chevrolet Camaro - why, you might ask? I tested a few cars from the GT4 field, but not all of them. Among those this was the easiest to drive and I was able to achieve good laptimes. I didn't wanted the Porsche as I had already done races with it and was on the lookout for something new.
Obviously I could have done more, e.g. test through all of the GT4s, especially after having watched Aris' Donington track walk, but my time I can spend on sim racing is finite.

In the practice sessions I was aware that I will not be the fastest but I thought, heck, this is almost an endurance race, many things can happen and I'm driving for the fun, not for glory. I was hoping for a bigger field and a tighter field as well, but this just was not the case.

Q4 R3

The race start was a suprise, I went immidiately off-track, lost a lot of positions. Then I collected Jak (sorry mate) and settled in the last place. Was considering to give up altogether as I saw that everyone was pulling away, but ventured on nevertheless. Drove most of my laps absolutely alone, which is not fun. There were some very bad overtakes by the GT3s, an unsafe rejoin attempt where I was collected, this caused me some damage and some time being lost. In the end Simon had to pit because of a puncture and André had some trouble as well, and this made me advance and finish in 3rd place. So I had no real on-track overtakes or duels, and this ruins the whole experience.

Not happy with my own performance either, I've made some stupid errors myself, collected two track warnings at the chicane and this slowed me down as well. But what I hate most in ACC that it is a total gamble to set tire pressures for my pit stop. My tire pressures after my stop were too high, this cost me a lot for sure. Every time I look forward to race in ACC, but then it rains or the bad tirepressures makes me forget the game again.

This was not my first race club event with 90+ minutes where the field was very small. As for the future, I have now decided that I won't participate in such events if the field of my own class is smaller than 15 cars. That's that.

Martin Hughes

Active Member
What a disaster this was.

As usual, I’d practiced for a week or so, glad to be back in the KTM for a bit. But it’s a relationship I really need to end. As much as I enjoy driving it, I have to admit that I simply can’t drive it consistently quickly, especially in a race situation. The reason I’d been looking forward to the KTM was that the last time I’d driven it competitively was at Kyalami in the last race of the GT4 championship. I remember that for that race, I’d finally managed to set the car up exactly as I wanted, and it drove like a dream. I’d played around with the settings all series and to nail it on the last race felt like I’d achieved something. Unfortunately, I was taken out early doors in that race so this was my chance to make amends.

So, imagine my surprise when I jumped in the car at Donington with the same setup and I had no idea how I’d managed to complete a lap in it - it was terrible. My final setting for this race bears absolutely no resemblance to that from Kyalami, in fact it couldn’t be more different. But, I managed a mid 1.36 so not that bad and I could lap consistently 1.37. I tried a long run with full fuel as I knew the tyres would last but I couldn’t get out of the 1.39s so I realised that wasn’t an option. So, I setup for a mid-race stop and I’d decide on tyres at the time.

Qualifying was disrupted with the connection issues and I couldn’t really put in a decent lap as the tyres came up to pressure. But with a few people not qualifying I was in the middle of the GT4s on the grid. Formation lap felt real for a change and with a couple of people running wide under green lights at the last corner I felt pretty confident on the run to the first corner. I certainly didn’t expect the speed of Andy’s GT3 and that caught me off guard a bit and with an off track at the old hairpin I was at the back. From then on, I did some decent laps for a while, getting past Jak and Sab after their little coming together and then keeping Jak at bay for a while. But then, the KTM came back to haunt me. It is always a car you have to hustle, and most corners in sector 2 I was taking whilst sliding. And, as the tyres started to grain up, it just got worse, more than it had ever done in practice. It seems like it suffered from getting any sort of dirt on the tyre. Any time I went off-line for the GT3s, the next corner was almost impossible to navigate. Changing tyres for wets at the stop wasn’t a great idea and put paid to any enjoyment I was going to have. By the end, I’d raced no-one and struggled around the last fifteen minutes wondering why I do this. The AMG in the GT3 Masters is OK but I’m not setting the World alight there, and this was an absolute shitshow.

Anyway, I’ve convinced myself to park up the KTM and leave it my memories - I’m so glad I did some streaming tests around Kyalami that I can look back on and realise that I could actually drive it. Those are the memories that keep me going. I’m hoping the Sciroccos reignite something as the fun is waning. A bout of Golfer’s Elbow isn’t helping as the pain down my right forearm gets really bad during and after a race.

Anyway, yeah, a night best forgotten.
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