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Round 1 Salzburgring GP discussion | 01/10/17

August Kekulé

New Member
All rules read and understood ( especially that with leaving the race line)!

Now it´s time for me to find those magic tenths under a 2.06 time at Bathurst , i already drive with wing set up to 4 and easily reach 310 downhill , but this monza drives me crazy for sure:)

August Kekulé

New Member
While hitting the rev-limiter twice. With a longer fourth gear ratio it should be even faster. And the wing is still set up on 3 , so there should be more potential:)


Active Member
3 x Driver Champion
With the Capri on wing 1 I end around 305 kmh but I don't have a good feeling like on Salzburgring, I'm not sure I'll use wing 1, it depends how I can improve my time on the leaderboard (actually 2.02.186).
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