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Round 8 Oschersleben GP discussion | 22/04/18


Well-Known Member
4 x Driver Champion
a nice ending of a great season - however, unfortunately i had to miss a lot of races.

Q:4 - i couldn't find my pace and kept making mistakes, however, i don't think any better than P3 would have been achievable. i was trusting in my race pace.
R1:10 - my start was bad, revs dropped after start and i had to kick the clutch a bit but lost one position to Nemanja, then brake a bit late and smokey. i could have turned in but Peter braked even later, i closed the door on him and he sent me into a half-spin. i checked the replay yesterday, from my perspective it looked a racing incident, i was ahead but moving into the left in the braking zone (trying to avoid Nemanja) and Peter had nowhere to go. however, he gave me back the position after lap1.
after that, tried to recover and had some good battles with Peter, David and Nemanja. i made lots of small mistakes and a bigger one when tried to attack Nemanja in the back straight but braked too late, went through the gravel trap and lost 2 positions. fought back behind Nemanja until the last 2-3 laps... after Simon's unfortunate mistake the fight was for the last podium spot. it was very hard between us and Backo, i was on the limit sometimes, leaving the minimum space only to Peter... sorry for that. however, nothing major contact happened, only some paint-trading. we were side by side with Nemanja (and sometimes Peter) through the whole 3rd sector in the penultimate lap, that was intense :D but i had no way to pass. in the last corner i started to turn in wider, concentrating to the exit but i got hit and spun out. i lost my head and didn't find 1st gear for a lot of time (the wheel was turning around :D ) so lost a huge amount of time and was able to cross the line only in P10...
R2:1 - ...which gave me the perfect opportunity to win the second race. in the first couple of laps Peter was close but my pace was better and i built a comfortable lead. in the last laps i started to push harder to see how my tyres do (left front was yellow) and was able to do 29s in the end too. however, starting from P7 would have been better :)

congrats to all contenders, podium finishers. that was a great fight between Ralf and Alberto, i thought it was closer between them before last round, but both of them would deserve the title equally. great drive dudes ;) this season must have been very frustrating to the BMW/Merc drivers, definitely the Skyline was the car to be in, it was amongst the fastest cars on every track, on some tracks it was clearly the fastest. i was liking my Brick too, the brakes are very bad on this car (at least i couldn't find a comfortable set-up for brakes) and the exits from slow corners are hard but you can power-slide the car through the mid-speed corners beautifully, i was enjoying it a lot :) and i think the Volvo is one of the best cars for endurance events, not so good for sprint races. the fuel consumption is very low (45l of fuel was enoguh for any of the races) and it's very kind to the tyres too.

i'm waiting for the Merc/BMW duel for next season. see you there!


Well-Known Member
WOW, just wow. That was a hell of a race. I was constantly in battle, in R1 i was defending most of the time. I gave everything i ve got, and managed to finish 3rd.
In R2 i was chasing but couldnt progress much. Had awesome battles. P6 or P7, in the end, which was ok.

DTM'92 field is so close, i think there are atleast 10 possible winners. So definitely looking forward to next season (without nissans :D ).
When you think it can not get any better, these cars provide you with an insane race. Im in love with these series :)

Thank you all for fair and square racing, it's always a pleasure!!!


New Member
Yes, I must say Sector3 must to do something with these cars as the feeling is very bad/strange be honest. I would expect too much oversteer, not understeer ... I cant get this car to drift ,,, sry I can if the wing is 1 and brake too late
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