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RRL-AM-S2-DTM | Sign-up thread & Driver/Team Line up

Simon Fillingham

Staff member
Driver Champion
How do i sign up for this championship?

Individual entries

To sign up to this championship simply reply to this thread with your full in-game name, car choice and car number.
The drivers championship is limited to 31 entrants. Slots will be allocated on a first come/ first serve basis. Drivers that fail to show for 3 consecutive races without good reason will be removed from the line-up.

Team entries

There will also be a team championship running alongside the drivers championship. To enter a team into this, please also state in your individual entry the full in-game name of you team-mate and the team-name. Both members of the team must drive with the same car & car skin/livery.


01. Peter Damian
02. Stacy Chandler
03. Norman Bengs
04. Esteban Tolosa
05. Alexis Mimran
06. Chris Rives
07. Ice Bear
08. Nicolae Hartup
09. Marko Talevski
10. Valentino Rossi
11. Toine de Jomg
12. Simon Fillingham
13. Quattro Audi - Maik
14. Elio Fernandes
15. tattoo fab
16. Henk-Jan Steneker
17. Nir Tal
18. Martin ter Brake
19. Lee McCabe
20. Sven Hecke


Virtual Insanity Racing - Fillingham / Tal
Just Racing - Steneker / Chandler
The French Kiss - Rossi / Mimran
Senna SS Motorsport - Talevski / Fernandes
Hispania Racing Team - Tolosa / Fernandez
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