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RRL-R3E-Season 39 CC's DTM Winners

David Dhoore

Staff member
2 x Driver Champion
Events Coordinator


Races 12 Wins 1 Podiums 5

Drivers championship

1. Ralf Arella (@Rella )
2. Nemanja Manojlovic (@Nemanja )
3. Radek Pawlaczek (@rad )

Teams championship

1. Paradigm Shift (@Jak Camoletto / @André Bergsma )
2. Seventy Seven ( @Simon Fillingham / Ralf Arella )
3. Ruff Ambassadors (Clive Britton @Cleeve / @Jon Spriggs )

Am Cup

1. Ric Binnersley (@The_Bag_ )
2. Petr Pek (@Peki )
3. Mike Wyatt ( @Mike Wyatt )

Iron Man

Jak Camoletto
Andre Bergsma
Jon Spriggs
@Tom Korhonen
Ric Binnersley

Congratulations to all drivers who competed in this championship. We hope to see you all on track again very soon!
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