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RRL-R3E-Season 39-CrewChief BMW v Merc '92 | Race Server Details

Simon Fillingham

Staff member
Driver Champion
The race server will be launched for the commencement of the Official Practice session of each race.

Server name: RRLeagues.com | Season 39 CrewChief

Server Password: Available in RaceApp. (navigate to 'What's Up' page in menu)

The practice server password is: chicane

Allowable classes: BMW M3 & Merc 190E (DTM '92)

The server setup will be as follows:


Flags - Visual only
Cut Rule - Drive Through
Damage - Full
Mandatory Pitstop - Off
Wrecker Prevention - Off
Fixed Setups - Off
Qualifying - Standing start
Race - Standing start
Reverse Grid - On - Top 15
Tyres - x1
Fuel - x1
Daylight progression - Off
Non-Ready Pitlane Start Delay - 20 secs (0 if rolling start)
Allow Players Join In Qualifying - Yes

Server Driver Assist Settings

Driver Assist Transmission - Free Choice
Driver Assist Steer - Forced Off
Driver Assist Traction Control - Forced Factory Default
Driver Assist Autopit - Forced Off
Driver Assist ESP - Forced Off
Driver Assist Brake - Forced Factory ABS
Driver Assist Raceline - Forced Off
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