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RRL-R3E-Season 42-GT3 Masters III | Series & Sign up info

Simon Fillingham

Staff member
Driver Champion

Series Introduction

After a Summer hiatus, GT3 Masters is back as the 3rd campaign of this prominent series graces the sim racing scene.

8 rounds of 100-minute races on some of the planets most famed tarmac, including the recently released Daytona Speedway, will search any drivers soul as to whether they have the resolve to stand with our acclaimed Masters' champions, Lukas & Arella.
Series Information
  • Sim: RaceRoom
  • Wednesday 18:30 UK
  • Commences 19th August 2020, bi-weekly
  • 8 rounds
  • 100 min races
  • Multipliers: Tyres x1; Fuel x1
  • Mandatory pitstop
  • Manual rolling start
  • GTR3 class (all cars)
  • Drivers Championship
  • Teams Championship
  • AM Cup
  • Iron Man Championship
  • Live Broadcast
Series Registration Information
  • There are 36 available slots for S42 GT3 Masters.
  • 8 drivers permitted per car model
  • Series registration will be on a first come first served basis, however...
  • We take participation and commitment very seriously at RRLeagues. Signing up for the series means you are in a position to attend at least 75% of the scheduled races and every effort should be made to fulfil this. Drivers unsure if they can commit to a series should apply as a guest for single events.
  • Those who persistently register for a series but fail to attend races will have registration restrictions applied in the future.
  • If you are unable to attend a race, you must state your absence on the race thread in the forum. Absences should be given as soon as possible, ideally no later than 12 hours before the commencement of the race in question.
  • Registration will be for the entire series. Guest starts are possible but not guaranteed.
  • Registrations made without valid forum and Discord accounts will be cancelled.
  • Your in-game name must match (or be a very close match of) your real name and must be added to your RaceApp profile.
  • Drivers wishing to register for this series must do so at RaceApp using the link below. Only SOLO bookings will be taken on RA but please also see post #2 about team registration.
  • New members will not be permitted to drive in the series until they have passed a shakedown with a staff member (Rule A5)
  • The booking reference that is required on RaceApp to complete registration can be found here.
Independent & Team Entries
  • This series is open to solo bookings only, however, teams can still be formed as described in post #2. We do encourage teams to be formed wherever possible as their drivers will have priority for the opening 24 hrs of registration. Please post below if you are looking for a teammate so you can have teams ready for when registration opens.
  • Teams will consist of 2 drivers which must be declared in this thread (see post #2)
  • Team entries must drive the same car & livery
  • Teammates may not be changed after the opening day of the series.
  • Independent entries may choose any car/livery that does not have 2 drivers tied to it.
Car Changes
  • Car/livery changes are not permitted after the opening day of the season. Selections as of 00:01 on 19/08/20 are final.
  • This series will be broadcast on our YouTube channel, with commentary from Martin Hughes & Ethan Kearley!
  • By registering for this series you agree to your name (and any aliases) being used in any of RRLeagues social media posts/broadcasts.
Entry Fee
  • Once again, this series is FREE to enter! Please be aware that staff invest many hours of their free time providing these highly polished, professional events. If you would like to show your appreciation of our efforts and to help us develop new features, then please consider a donation to RRLeagues. DONATE HERE.
VRP Prize
  • A 500 VRP Prize will be awarded at random to a driver who starts ALL 8 rounds of the series. The admins decision is final.
Series registration will open at 19:30 GMT on 30th July 2020

Sign up here:

All drivers must adhere to RRLeagues Rules.
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Simon Fillingham

Staff member
Driver Champion
Registration for S42 GT3 Masters II on RaceApp (RA) will be set to accept SOLO drivers only. This is the only way we can limit the number of drivers (8) per car during the booking process. Drivers will still be able to compete in their desired 2-man teams, but this will be a manual process administered by the staff.

Between NOW and when registration opens, 1 driver per team should post in this thread (using the template below) their intended team for S42. The order in which teams are posted here has NO influence when deciding which team gets which car, should there be any disputes (see possible scenarios).

When registration opens, it is the responsibility of each driver to register on RA with their desired car & livery. Staff will then manually tie up the registered drivers and form the teams according to the submitted teams here in this thread.

Possible scenarios (on RA)

  1. Driver(D) 1 & D2 of Team A are the 1st to register
  2. D1 of Team B then registers
  3. D1 of Team C then registers
At this point, D1 of Team B will have preference as he/she was the 1st to register on RA. The teammate of D1 of Team B will then have the right to take the seat of D1 of Team C - but only if Team B has been declared in this thread. If not, Team C will have preference.

  1. D1 & D2 of Team A are the 1st to register
  2. SOLO driver then registers
  3. D1 of Team B then registers
In this scenario, TEAMS that have been declared on this thread will be given preference for 24 hrs after registration opens. So, the SOLO driver will be removed and D2 of Team B will take their place. Beyond 24 hrs, SOLO drivers have their seat guaranteed.

It is always best to have a teammate to give yourself the best chance of reserving a seat, so please also use this thread to announce that you are looking for a teammate.

Also, this is not mandatory and also has NO influence when deciding which team gets which car, you may also want to declare what car you are intending to drive so if there any potential 'overloads' you have the opportunity to sort them out before reg opens (by PM perhaps).


Team submission template:

Team name:

Driver 1:
Driver 2:

Car selection (optional):
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Mark Shilling

New Member
Team name: MM Racing

Driver 1: Mark Shilling
Driver 2: Antonio De Leva

I’m available to team up if anyone is looking for a team mate. I’m focused mainly on enjoying clean racing at the back with ambitions to get consistently up into the midfield. I raced 3 races in the last GT3 series and am currently participating in the Tatuus F4 series as part of "MM Racing" (with Martin Hughes). Martin isn't interested in doing the GT3 cars in R3E so "MM Racing" has a seat alongside me if you fancy it! My best finish is 12th. Im registered to be driving the number 99 Porsche 911 GT3 R(2019). If interested then let me know..... If there are no takers I’ll race as an individual. :)

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