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S37 GT3 | Round 6 | 22/03/20 | Spa-Francorchamps GP

Added to Calendar: 22/03/20

Simon Fillingham

Staff member
Driver Champion
Welcome to the RRL-R3E-S37-GT3 Masters II Round 6 Spa-Francorchamps GP thread.


Official Practice: 18:30 (60 mins)
Qualifying: 19:30 (20 mins)
Race: 19:50 (100 mins)

In-game time: morning


drivers are required to be in the PRE RACE BRIEFING voice channel for the Driver Briefing which will commence 15 mins before Qualifying is due to commence. Those that fail to show without prior warning will be given a warning which will also gain 1 penalty point on your Licence.


Spa-Francorchamps holds a special place in the hearts of most racing fans, and with good reason since nothing really compares. It is a historic crown jewel of motorsports and will test the mettle and skill of any race driver, especially through the single most famous corner in motorsports, famed Eau Rouge. Virtual or real, this corner will test your resolve and the setup of your car.







All registered drivers are required to attend this race. If for any reason you are unable to attend then please state your absence below. If a registered driver is not in the server by the end of the briefing and has not given prior notice of late arrival, their place will be offered to any guest drivers that are present at the briefing.


Any driver who is not registered for this series may apply for a guest start at this event here: https://raceapp.eu/RRL1#/Events/3921?tab=bookings. Requests will also be confirmed, or left unconfirmed, on that page. Guest drivers must be registered on the forum and have joined our Discord channel and be present for the Pre-Race Briefing.



David Dhoore

Staff member
2 x Driver Champion
Events Coordinator
Tutorial video for double-file rolling start procedure. Note - the only difference with our procedure is that we form on the side of the track we were placed on the grid at, which might not always be the inside line

Formation zone

The formation zone for this and every race in the S37 championship will begin at the end of sector2 / start of sector 3. So for Spa GP that is between Turn 15 & 16 on the above track map.
So when the lead car reaches this point he must slow to 50mph/80kph and move to the side of the track that he was placed on the grid at. P2 must move alongside P1 onto the side of the track that he was placed on the grid at. P2 should not move in front of P1.
Subsequent drivers must then form 2 trains behind P1 & P2, moving to the side of the track they were placed on the grid at.
Please see above video & procedure for further clarification.

Acceleration zone

The acceleration zone for Spa GP will begin at the end of the red/yellow tyre wall on the outside of the exit to the final chicane (T20), as shown below.


The acceleration zone will end at the start / finish line, as shown below:


At any point within the acceleration zone, the leader is allowed to go full throttle to signify the start of the race. This is to be done in one smooth action. From the moment everyone starts to accelerate, drivers may break from their train if they have a good run on the driver ahead. Bear in mind that you still can not overtake the driver directly in front of you in your train until you have crossed over the start-finish line. Also, be aware of other drivers alongside you doing the same.
From the moment you cross the s/f line, it is full racing conditions.

Callum Morgan

Active Member
Qualifying: p29
Disappointed with my session in the end. On my final lap i was 1.3 seconds up and be far into the 2:21s ( My best time in practice is 2:22.049) but i dropped it at the bus stop and bottled the lap

Race: P19 (+1LAP)

Started the race well gaining a few places and keeping the tyre wear down as i was in traffic. But as soon as i got into clear air my wear rates went from 4% a lap to 4.6/4.7.

By time i made my stop i was up into 18th place and last of those not to stop yet. I had to pit a lap earlier than expected as my front right was at 5% as i got to the bus stop and didn't want to risk a blowout through pouhon or blanchimont, a tyre failure at 150+ mph. Pretty sure that would have only ended 1 way lol.

On my 2nd stint i had a battle with Matos and kept my battle with the same drivers around me. But once again the tyre wear let me down and by time OTTERHUD said there was 12 laps left the tyres had 10 laps remaining, before I was lapped,

I held off the inevitable pit stop as long as I could trying to save as much as possible, it worked but not enough, even running in the 2:25s didn't get the job done.

Came out in P22 with 8 laps left on fresh tyres and took no fuel. A lap later Pek emerged ahead of me. I got it down to 0.7s gap but he pulled away soon after.

My race ended in the last lap expecting P20 because of other drivers retirements but through Stavelot in the last lap i saw a yellow flag and my delta to Armiento ahead plummet and he was off track, gaining me 19th by the finish. A bit more practicing for Rounds 7 + 8 and maybe a couple of top 15 may be on the horizon


Well-Known Member
I did not expect much from qualy as usual, but this time i was surprised to see myself in front row, i think that Ralf got P1 at the last moment. Also i think i caused a bit of confusion at the start as i was exiting last turn, i went wider to leave enough space and had to make up that hole by accelerating harder.

I got a good run up to T1, had my nose in front of Ralf but he had better exit towards T2, i had to back off and went straight, lost momentum and i got overtaken by quite a few drivers. Then at the end of Cammel straight i got smashed by Lenny's (i think) AMG, which went right between two cars and sent me into orbit. Tbh i was furious at that moment, as i had good pace to challenge for the win. On the next lap i divebombed one driver and made contact with one BMW, which continued without consequencies fortunately, only i spun :D
At that moment i was dead last, as i waited for whole field to go by. Had some great battles all over the track. I stayed the longest with Ric, Jak and Jazz. 20 minutes before the end Ric and Jazz tangled and my team mate went into a spin, which was a great shame as he was doing an awesome job. Then i started hunting Jak for the second time in this race, and finaly managed pass him. Again really strong drive and absolutely clean by Jak.

I was expecting a bit more from this race, but it just goes like that sometimes. We could say that Ralf won this championship already, with only 2 races to go :)

Grats to Ralf and podium. Also podium. I must point out that i experienced great driving from every racer that i encountered, all the way at the back as well as up front. Great racing standards boys, well done!


Well-Known Member
4 x Driver Champion
Always nice when you don't expect much and it turns out as a Q1 and R1. My car felt very twitchy in Eau rouge and I had the BMWs followed by the Audi rockets and AMGs on my list but not the Porsche. Got the pole in the last minute of qualifying. I also lost momentum in Eau rouge in 1st lap of the race so that I lost the lead to Max and found myself for a few laps in an Audi sandwich with a long train behind. That was a very interesting phase of the race because I wasn't sure about strategies and degradation and some were pushing from behind very hard. I was surprised that I could follow the Audi quite well and finally took back the lead and even could build up a gap. From there on it was more a race against melting rear tyres and my concentration. Seemed that Max and Greg had an awesome battle all race long and grats for the podium. In between I thought Jim might have a spot on the podium. Nice to see that the Vettes are back. Looking forward to the final two races with still a lot of points to win and unexpected things to happen. I don't expect anything...as usual. See you in the DTM92 cars on Wednesday!


Well-Known Member
4 x Driver Champion
my race...
Q: 8
i expected a better time, but somehow i couldn't get up to speed in time. 3-4 tenths left in my time, so not ideal. congrats to Ralf on pole!

start was okish but i lost a position to Greg who had bigger momentum on the outside of La Source. Backed off and slotted in. then in lap 2 there was that big crash involving Lenny and Nemanja, i had to take avoiding action on the outside which made me lose another position, so i was currently at P8 again. Jim was attacking hard from behind and made the pass. then he started to fight with... maybe Petr? they went side by side to Bus Stop, Jim slided wide, i went for the gap but as Jim returned to the line he pushed me onto the grass in the 2nd part of the chicane. i fell back to P13, things were not looking good...
i used wing 10 because the Porsche was very tricky around Eau Rogue and also in the fast direction changes too. but this made me a sitting duck in the straights. so it was very hard to fight back in the field, mostly i benefitted from another's mistakes. Henk spun out in front of me, then passed Ric towards Eau Rogue, Dino lost time when Jim attacked him and i slipped through aswell, then Jim spun off ahead of me, and David fell back aswell from far ahead. now finally i had some free air, and i could push. closed the gap to Petr, who closed the gap on Grant, Greg&Max to around 4s. i started to believe that a podium is in the cards. in this stage i was even closing to Ralf a bit.
then the unfortunate collision happened with Peter. i saw him far ahead at Fagnes, i saw that he let past Grant before Stavelot. but then he was covered by Petr as i was right on his tail. then all i saw that Petr moved to the left and Peter was ahead of me... until i realised how slow he is it was late and i hit him.
i expected him to move over from us in the back straight after Stavelot as we had some gap between Grant and Petr (as i saw from the cockpit) but i can understand him too, he wanted to let all of us. it was a really unfortunate incident, i really didn't expect him to drive that slow on the ideal line and of course i was also planning to attack Petr in the back straight and i was concentrating on my braking zone and exit already.
and after the collision, as we tried to turn around - me with a punctured front left - we came together again. i switched to reverse, but Peter continued to push me and he turned me into the wall.
i tried to check the timer but i missed something, i thought i have a gap already but from cockpit i didn't see anything but the timer. should have changed to chase view to check the traffic. so i reversed back to the track like a total idiot into the oncoming traffic.
well, hard to say anything after a stupid incident like this. again, sorry to all who i risked and especially to Jody for ruining his race too. at that time, in the cockpit, i wanted to do everything right. but looking at the replay, i feel myself a total fool.
hope all of us will learn from it. from my side definitely.
(just mentioning, that there were 3 cars side by side before Stavelot fighting hard, when there was clearly a yellow flag warning)

congrats to Ralf and podium, well deserved. see you at the next round!
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