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S38 NLS GH | Round 8 | 13/09/20 | Nordschleife 24 hours discussion

Added to Calendar: 13/09/20

Simon Fillingham

Staff member
Driver Champion
Welcome to the RRL-R3E-S38-Green Hell Round 8 Nordschleife 24 hours thread.


Official Practice: 18:00 (60 mins)
Qualifying: 19:00 (30 mins)
Race: 19:30 (144 mins)

In-game time: Afternoon


drivers are required to be in the PRE RACE BRIEFING voice channel for the Driver Briefing which will commence 15 mins before Qualifying is due to commence. Those that fail to show without prior warning will be given a warning which will also gain 1 penalty point on your Licence.


The Nürburgring Nordschleife is the longest, toughest and most terrifying track in racing today. The "Green Hell" as it is known, twists and turns through the German Eifel mountains, providing a unique set of challenges.

160 unique turns, 22.8 kilometres and straights allowing you to reach dizzying top speeds, all have been minutely modelled based on laser-scan data. Details down to the graffiti on track is recreated, and we are proud to now invite you to race this mythical track with any of the wide variety of RaceRoom cars.

Racing and winning on the Nordschleife has always been very special. Tricky corners, treacherous crests, steep gradients and the constant close guardrails demand great skill from the driver and great understanding of your racing car. There is no comparison to taking on the Green Hell.




GTR3: http://game.raceroom.com/leaderboard/?track=4975&car_class=class-1703

Audi TT RS: http://game.raceroom.com/leaderboard/?track=4975&car_class=class-5234

BMW M235i: http://game.raceroom.com/leaderboard/?track=4975&car_class=6262




All registered drivers are required to attend this race and confirm their participation on RaceApp HERE! If for any reason you are unable to attend it would help us by stating your absence below. If a series driver has NOT confirmed their participation by 6 days before the start of the event, their slot will be offered to any guest driver applications.


Any driver who is not registered for this series may apply for a guest start at this event here: https://raceapp.eu/RRL1#/Events/4022?tab=bookings. Requests will also be confirmed, or left unconfirmed, on that page. Guest drivers must be registered on the forum and have joined our Discord channel and be present for the Pre-Race Briefing.


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Simon Fillingham

Staff member
Driver Champion
Tutorial video for double-file rolling start procedure. Note - the only difference with our procedure is that we form on the side of the track we were placed on the grid at, which might not always be the inside line into T1 AND that each class will form independently of each other.

150 mins (green light): GTR3 cars wait 5 secs and then begin rolling start procedure
146 mins: Audi TTRS will begin rolling start procedure
144 mins: BMW M235i will begin rolling start procedure

Formation zone

The formation zone for this race will begin at the end of the green strip on the inside kerb at the exit of the Michael Schumacher S, as shown below.

2020-01-06 1956 0001.jpg

So when the lead car reaches this point he must slow to 50mph/80kph and move to the side of the track that he was placed on the grid at. P2 must move alongside P1 onto the side of the track that he was placed on the grid at. P2 should not move in front of P1.
Subsequent drivers must then form 2 trains behind P1 & P2, moving to the side of the track they were placed on the grid at.
Please see above video & procedure for further clarification.

Acceleration zone

The acceleration zone for Nordschleife 24 hours will begin at the solid white line that runs across the track shortly after Bit-Kurve (T12, Nurb GP layout), as shown below.

2019-01-01 1125 0008.jpg

The acceleration zone will end at the solid white line that runs across the track at Hatzenbects-Bogen (T13, Nurb GP layout), as shown below:

2019-01-01 1126 0009.jpg

At any point within the acceleration zone, the leader is allowed to go full throttle to signify the start of the race. This is to be done in one smooth action. From the moment everyone starts to accelerate, drivers may break from their train if they have a good run on the driver ahead. Bear in mind that you still can not overtake the driver directly in front of you in your train until you have crossed over the start-finish line. Also be aware of other drivers alongside you doing the same.
From the moment you cross the end line of acceleration zone, it is full racing conditions.
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Mike Wyatt

Well-Known Member
Thought I'd post my thoughts on last Sunday's 2.4 hr Green Hell event.

First, my comments on Discord about not being able to complete the long race was due to some arthritis in my hands which has been getting worse lately but I loaded up with Aleve and potassium and that seemed to take care of it for the most part so with a bit of wheel/hand management I was able to get by. Thankful for the frequent straight sections.

As to the race itself, I'm not fast enough to stay with the pack so I started dropping back right from the start as usual. I saw that @Simon Fillingham had to make an early pit stop and was behind me so I was hoping that once he caught me we'd battle a bit, but due to pit stop timing I guess, that never happened. The only excitement I had was my interaction with the other classes, most notably the BMW235i duo of @André Bergsma and @Jak Camoletto who I passed 3 times in a period of less than 20 minutes. I passed them the first time in the normal course of class lapping but when I stopped for my 2nd pit stop they got past me so I had to pass them again and just after that I lost it in Wehrseifen (forgot about my tire imbalance) so once I recovered I had to pass them once more. Other than that it was almost all solo.

In spite of my lack of competition, I saw some rally great battles in all 3 classes when watching the RRL video and Jak's stream. There was @Fabian Geid and @Nemanja in the GT3 class and the aforementioned Jak and Andre along with @Clive Brittain in the BMW class but the best was saved for last as @Tom Korhonen fought off @Zhirayr for an epic finish. It's just too bad that out of the 59 people who signed up for the series (not counting the guest drivers) we only had 16 regulars and 3 guest drivers on the grid. I realize that life gets in the way sometimes but it seems that the word "commitment" doesn't seem to carry the burden it used to with some people.

And finally on the note of guest drivers I'd like to comment on one in particular. I saw @Marcel Löcken on the grid in the Audi class and even though he was considerably slower in quali and in the race, he hung in and ran the entire race so kudos to him. Welcome Marcel and hope to see more of you in the coming races.
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