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Zolder 4 hour

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S40 Tatuus F4 | Round 1 | 13/05/20 | Sachsenring GP

Added to Calendar: 13/05/20

Simon Fillingham

Staff member
Driver Champion
Welcome to the RRL-R3E-S40-Tatuus F4 Round 1 Sachsenring GP thread.


Official Practice: 19:00 (60 mins)
Qualifying: 20:00 (20 mins)
Race 1: 20:20 (20 mins)
Race 2: 20:40 (45 mins)


ALL drivers are required to be in the PRE RACE BRIEFING voice channel for the Driver Briefing which will commence 15 mins before Qualifying is due to commence. Those that fail to show without prior warning will be given a warning which will also gain 1 penalty point on your Licence.


Racing at Sachsenring began in 1927 on a long street based course. When modern race cars made roaring through the village too dangerous, a dedicated circuit was established. Today’s Sachsenring is a 3.671 km long and features many exciting elevation changes over its 14 turns.






All registered drivers are required to attend this race. If for any reason you are unable to attend then please state your absence below. If a registered driver is not in the server by the end of the briefing and has not given prior notice of late arrival, their place will be offered to any guest drivers that are present at the briefing.


Any driver who is not registered for this series may apply for a guest start at this event here: https://raceapp.eu/RRL1#/Events/4411?tab=bookings. Requests will also be confirmed, or left unconfirmed, on that page. Guest drivers must be registered on the forum and have joined our Discord channel and be present for the Pre-Race Briefing.


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Simon Fillingham

Staff member
Driver Champion
It has been suggested to me that there will be a hotfix for this fault before next Wednesday's race. I have removed fixed setups from the practice server for the time being until we have a fix. You can practice for this event (SP or MP) by adjusting the final drive from 3.1 to 2.8 which will basically have the same effect of the incoming hotfix.

And boy, stay out of the gravel!

Henk-Jan Steneker

Active Member
Staff member
Events Coordinator
Sadly, school have scheduled an important class for me this afternoon so sadly I must bye this round

I'll be back

Callum Morgan

Active Member
My Race, Personal best result in RRLeagues in my 22nd Race start here (yes i have counted it backdated from Season 28)
Race 1: P15
Race 2 P4

Practice: P6 1:19.423 Mainly tested long run pace and consistency, done a couple of laps in qualifying trim towards the end

Qualifying: P11 (1:19.449)
A good lap for me getting 0.023 from my PB, my first lap I was blocked so was somewhere in the 1:20s and about 18th spot, Second Run I got my time in to get P10 at the time but missed out on improving in my last run by 0.2s or so. P11 my best starting Position since a P9 in Season 32 at Zandvoort.

Race 1: P15
I got a good start and got upto P10 towards the end of Lap 1, I gained up to P8 after a crash at the last corner. I ran in 6th until I went wide at Turn 12 and dipped my front right into the gravel. Fortunately I slid past the wall and far enough to reach the escape road before rejoining in clear air in P16. Spent the rest of the race in a battle with @André Bergsma @Nij_no1 @Mark Shilling over that vital top 15 spot, our battle went from P14 to P17 making the top 15 even more of an effort for the 4 of us. Fortunately I gained 15th with 3 laps to go and held off Andre to keep 15th over the line.

Race 2: P4
Starting Pole i got an average start but @eliofernandes went around the outside of me through T1 into 1st, I settled into p2 until Lap 3 when Elio went off track at Turn 12, getting me back into the lead. I then had a long battle with @Greg Metcalf and @The_Bag_. Whilst we were battling, on Lap 8, the drivers who started at the back of the top 15 caught us, @Mike Stofmeel and @mr_belowski and passed me leading to us being in a 6 car battle. I managed to hang on to the back of the top 6 until the pitstops, starting on Lap 18, I went a lap longer with @Rella and made my stop on Lap 19, coming out of the pits I extended my gap to ralf, expecting to come out a net P6 again, however once everyone had stopped i found myself 3rd.
At the end of Lap 22 ralf finally passed me at the final corner, I kept pace with him so the gap didnt become too big, Lap 23, a lapped car rejoined at turn 1 and to avoid hitting him i had to get off throttle, allowing ralf time to get a second ahead, I threw everything I had over the last 10 laps trying to get the gap back down but to no joy, taking the flag P4 with @trutya behind.

P4 and being able to hold my own against some the fastest drivers we have shows I must be doing something right with the practice and that i have improved as a driver over the last 12 months of my RRL career.

See you on Sunday for S38 NLS at Norschliefe, next Wednesday for S41 GT3 or in 2 weeks for Round 2 of F4

Mike Wyatt

Well-Known Member
Well, this first race was.....interesting......to say the least. I'm definitely not very fast in these so started from P26 and then got tangled in the fracas near the end of the first lap, which put me back in P32. From there things actually went pretty good the rest of R1, endeding up in P18 and was encouraged by the fact that I was able to keep it on the black. The second race saw me continue to keep it under control and work my way up to P12 at almost mid-way when I started thinking about pitting and decided that I should add another litre or 2 of fuel to my pit stop preset. BAD DECISION! I forgot which button I used to change the settings and while screwing around with that I went off into the gravel of doom between T13 & 14.

It took me probably a minute or so to extricate myself from the gravel and get into the pits. Unfortunately I was so flustered I forgot that I had deselected the fuel and as I left the pits I realized that I hadn't added any fuel so would have to make another pit stop, which I did. Two laps after my 2nd pit stop I slammed into a driver making a bad choice on a rejoin and after hitting him I was struck in the rear and completely lost my suspension and aero. I had to drive with my wheel turned about 60 deg off center due to the damage and once I finally got to the pits it took over 2.5 minutes to fix the suspension damage. Unfortunately (again) I was so focused on trying to keep the car moving that I hadn't noticed the loss of aero and didn't select that to be fixed so when I got back on the track the car had serious understeer but I refused to make a 4th pit stop and just fought that the rest of the race. Only good thing to come from this is the faith that race 2 has to get better, right?

At first I wasn't going to post my video b/c it's so embarrassing but changed my mind and it's posted in the video section.


ugh! i am so mad at my self..I am trying to find a reason to be mad at my girlfriend so I can at least yell at someone all day today, but she is being all nice so I cant find a reason :D

Basically, I was excited to be back in RRLeagues competition for few days already, practiced quite a bit, but as they say what can go wrong will go wrong and in this particular case and here is what happened: they oppened restaurants and bars here in Sarajevo for a first time since the corona madness started and I got together with my friends at around 11am and we quickly went from coffee to beers by 12 and we stuck with the beers till around 6 pm, so by the time I got home I was pretty much unfit to drive! I said to myself, get your stuff together and get into the car and that is what I did!

So the Q = P24 I did a pretty good lap by my standards at 1.20.018 (have never driven below 1.20, so I was happy considering that by this time my head was quite heavy with all the day's extracurricular activities). Still only 24th but within the second of the 9th place so it figured to be a close race all around.

R1 = P25 All I can say about this race is that I kept my focus to a maximum and I was doing well in 13th after some awesome battles, passed most cars due to their mistakes although I had some fun battles along the way. However about a minute and 20 before the end I am running in the 13th and a thought crosses my mind that the next race I will start third and how crazy that will be and guess what, and I go and make the biggest mistake of my young driving career and that mistake involved me going into the gravel at turn 10 and basically that meant that that was it and back of the grid for R2. Ugh I was mad at my self like I have not been in a while, almost threw my steering wheel out the window, but I cooled down a bit and readied for race 2.

R2 = DNF And again I start at the back of the grid, with potential 3rd starting place still in my mind, and I go back to 13th again with in the 10 minutes of the race, however this time 10th place is within reach, I am in a little train, attacking and being attacked, and then as all seems to be well and immensely exciting, I decide it is time to stop and as I am setting up my pit, again here comes turn 10 which just simply punishes you if you have the slightest fall in concentration and that is exactly what happened. Gravel here I come again, same turn, same problem and now I am again mad at myself and will remain so for the rest of the evening and this morning as well. Car totalled, I am trying to get to the pits, but I see that it is time for my to retire and ponder on what could have been and start thinking about the Round 2.

So in retrospect, I managed to get to 13th both times so maybe 13 was my unlucky number, but I was quite happy with my performance. For next race I am going into quarantine before the race and that will be my main strategy :D

As for the race it was physically grueling, yet loads of fun, serious drivers, exciting, cant wait for round 2 and this fixed setup really makes this whole championship so much fun. See you all in two weeks time!


Staff member
4 x Driver Champion
Events Coordinator
wow, what an eventful first round.
Q: 1
i knew i can be in the 18s but i was surprised by the 18,5 i did. i didn't have a pole for a long time, it was a nice feeling :)

i totally messed up my start.
i made some start practice without launch control before qualy, because i didn't know, didn't expect these kind of cars have it. still, i found a throttle/clutch position which more or less worked.
and then, probably i engaged 1st gear before the lights were on. i had a standing start without LC quite a long time ago. after the lights were on, i forgot to check the gear indicator, and i stuck in neutral. i was a bit surprised why 'm just revving the engine and not moving... sticky.
unfortunately Simon was involved in my bad start aswell, we both went down around p7-p8 or so. then at the end of lap1, a couple of cars ahead Clive went wide and he spun in last corner. my reaction was also a bit poor, looking at the replay, i could have moved to the inside and avoid him, but i just braked and went straight into him. also somebody from behind hit me very hard. my suspension was totalled, 100%. two of my wheels were in the wrong direction. i checked the repair time and it was more than 2,5 minutes so i decided to stay out and deal with the car. also i tried to push LC button, because i didn't have any idea at the moment what went wrong at the start. then i saw it actually exists :D the car was very unstable during braking and in right corners and i also didn't have any top speed. the damage resulted also in extreme wear on right front and left rear tyres. still i was fighting for P15 towards the end, as 3 laps to go i got a right front puncture. gravel trap, end of race.

R2: 5
i was really careful in the first laps, and was struggling to get towards the front. still i managed to get up to p11 or so, when i caught Colin and someone ahead him, who had decent pace but still slower. i decided to stop like 28min to go.
unfortunately i got traffic after my stop and could't really benefit from the new tyres. lots of people were exiting right ahead of me, so i had to fight for those places. we had a long and hard fight with Greg and Clive, until i managed to slip ahead out of last corner with a double pass. i caught Gianpietro soon, and tried to chase after Callum. unfortunately, in the last 2 laps i had to save fuel, still i barely managed to cross the line with my last sip of fuel.
not a bad recovery from P28, i was pleased with this race and how clean it was for me.

congrats to Mike for double win. i hoped i can make it harder for you, but this time it was not the case.
also congrats to podums and finishers. these cars are fun, but quite vulnerable and the gravel traps are lethal. waiting for the next round!

Mike Wyatt

Well-Known Member
@Cleeve Just a heads up that my name isn't on the S40 Tatuus License Sheet unless you've given me an alias that I'm not aware of....

Nuno Miguel Abreu

Active Member
First race of what is set to be a awesome championship

P: Went to the leaderboards to see where i was in terms of hard pace, ´0,4s than Mike, i was not surprised, but happy with it

Q: P5
Still adapting to the car i jumped in Q trying to reach the .18s wich i did in the last lap, got surprised that wasn't enough for qualy points :eek:

R1: P3, with Robert problems i managed to get P2 right in the fist corner, no Launch control as i didnt knew this cars had it, just 1st gear and full throtle :p
In the first laps i tried to follow Mike as long as i could, and than made a mistake, rejoined the line carefully and saw Aleksandr passing by, and Jim too.
In the later stages i passed Jim to get the final spot of the podium, good start of championship

R2: P10
Started from 15th i lost a few places right in the begging of the race, than i started to climp some positions, runing in the mix i followed 2 or 3 cars to the sand trap in T13 and went to 24th. got my head down and started a nice climb,with great fights along way i was close to top10, and spin in last corner, lost a couple places again, but with good pace i got up to P10. I dont remeber much of race 2 o_O

With such a high standards grid we should have a amazing race at RedBull Ring

Congrats to podiums and finishers
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