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S41 GT3 | Round 2 | 03/06/20 | Monza

Added to Calendar: 03/06/20


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Welcome to the RRL-ACC-S41-GT3 Round 2 Monza thread.


Official Practice: 18:30 (60 mins)
Qualifying: 19:30 (15 mins)
Race: 19:48 (120 mins)
Endurance race format: 120min race. There is no mandatory pit window, tyre change, refuelling or driver stint limit. Strategy is free.
In-game race start time: 14:00
Time acceleration: 3x


Weather settings will be sourced from the real-life weather forecast of the afternoon for Monza on 3rd June: https://www.accuweather.com/en/it/monza/214047/daily-weather-forecast/214047. The practice server will be updated at regular intervals to reflect the forecast weather of race day.


ALL drivers are required to be in the PRE RACE BRIEFING voice channel for the Driver Briefing which will commence 15 mins before Qualifying is due to commence. Those that fail to show without prior warning will be given a warning which will also gain 1 penalty point on your Licence.


A serene drive through the park this is not, more of a mad dash through the woods broken up by emergency braking for the chicanes. It’s the fastest track on the F1 calendar and the Parabolica curve will test man and machine to the limit.




Replay files can be downloaded from (2 part):
(after 7 days it will be removed)


All registered drivers are required to attend this race. If for any reason you are unable to attend then please state your absence below. If a registered driver is not in the server by the end of the briefing and has not given prior notice of late arrival, their place will be offered to any guest drivers that are present at the briefing.


Any driver who is not registered for this series may apply for a guest start at this event here: Requests will also be confirmed, or left unconfirmed, on that page. Guest drivers must be registered on the forum and have joined our Discord channel and be present for the Pre-Race Briefing.

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The formation lap format in this series is set to "FREE".


- There will be a widget to tell you when to go single file, when to go double file and which side.
- No speed limiter enable during the FL
- Cars are ghosting through S1 and S2.

despite the ghosting, we ask everyone kindly to behave patiently and don't drive through another cars because of better tyre/brake warming or any other reason. keep the distance from the car ahead like in a real formation lap.
in a case someone stalls at the start or makes an off-track during the formation lap, taking back his position is allowed, but do it carefully! also, the drivers who are passed during this process, should be aware of this and let him past. the game forces everybody in his correct position anyway, we just would like to see everyone behaving correctly during FL process.
the double line starts after the Ascari chicane. the straight is long, Parabolica is also long and wide, everyone will have enough time to find his place.


the race will be most likely in rainy/thunderstorm conditions. the visibility is very limited, especially when following another car.
therefore, in case of rain, using the rain lights will be mandatory! it's CTRL+L by default and you'll see the yellow square appearing on your screen as an indicator. we'll cover this in the briefing and warn everyone in the game chat before the race too.
if someone does not use it when we confirm it's mandatory, he will have an official warning (1) on his license!
as we'll check first lap anyway, we go through on this too.

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The final weather settings for tonight's race:


in-game settings:
"ambientTemp": 22,
"cloudLevel": 0.8,
"rain": 0.59,
"weatherRandomness": 2,

Race and BH Racing practice server settings are updated. from now on, there won't be any more changes in weather!
(RRL practice server will be down soon and is not accurate!)

Greg Metcalf

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I don't really understand the weather in acc yet. Do them settings mean there is a chance of a dry track? And rain 0.59 does that relate to rain intensity as an average
hello guys, I'm on an emergency duty (not sure if if it is correct to say on that way), the thing is that I'm working because we are experiencing problems with our production servers, not sure If I would be on time (I hope so because I've trained for Monza >.<) but if I'm not there, sorry! :( Wish me luck

Daniel Badcock

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Morning all,

The morning after the storm...

I felt quite good in practice and qualifying and was fairly happy with P16 as I didn't have great expectations.

The race started badly and continued to go downhill ☹

I got caught up in the mess on the run down to T1 and had significant damage but I carried on - it's weird driving straight but holding your wheel to 10 o'clock!!

I then gently caught the back of Peter I think as he spun in Ascari and the game told me I needed to pit. On the run to Parabolica, I was slow and had a group of cars around me but I needed the inside in order to pit but as I braked for the turn, I just went straight and caught another car (I am really sorry to whoever this was).

Ended up P31 and in an awkward position of being a lap down but faster than the cars around me so ended up racing to get past as I felt I could build a gap.

In the end I ended P18 and enjoyed a good race with Martin (sorry for the collision but I didn't have anywhere to go) and finally Callum!

It was a night of too many mistakes for me sadly as T1 was a catalyst for this!

Just a note about the weather... I enjoyed the challenge of the rain but for me I think it needs some work (I would love to help but I'm not sure where to start) as I believe there was 60% chance of rain. If we get 60% chance of rain in real life, we rarely get anything dramatic, most of the time nothing at all, yet we ended up with a full blown thunderstorm with a flooded track for 6hrs in game... I hope we can find a solution because last night became unenjoyable in the end!

Thanks to all and congrats podium and all finishers, that was tough!!


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my race:

Q: 8
i couldn't do any laps before the qualy, and it showed on my performance. there was a lot of time left in, at least half a second, but finished P8 in the end.

R: 17
i was careful in the straight and braked really early, but with no visibility, i missed my turn-in point into T1. i hit a white Nissan beside me, just a very little, maybe it was Vlasti. fortunately no real consequences for that. out of T2, i saw Mike against traffic and a green Bentley rejoining on my side. i left him space moving a bit to the left, but a red Aston hit me from behind, making me spin. after a 360°i rejoined to the track, it was safe, but the same Aston (i think Dino) spun right into my path. i tried to avoid him and while doing this, someone hit me from behind again. i ended up against the traffic and i had to wait for the whole field, including the cars spinning in the main straight. it was an eternity...
still in lap 1, David K. had an off out of Ascari, he was on the left side on the grass. i don't know why, but he moved across the whole track and ended up right ahead of me which i didn't really expected. the guy in front of me could slip through but i hit David really hard. Severe damage,car was undriveable. i returned to the pits for a good 100 sec repair. i was sitting there since like 30 seconds when i realised i'm out of my pit box, so i had to reverse.
of course, when i exited from the pits (dead last, P34), i was right into the middle of the front runners, already 2 laps down. i had to let pass everyone. once i let someone pass, the guy behind him was already in blue flag zone, and even if i could keep up the pace i had to let him pass aswell... this was going until i was behind p8-10 or so and i had some free track behind me. almost all my race was behind someone, but as i was 1 or 2 laps down, i could't really fight with anyone, just waiting for a mistake. some slower guys let me past, thanks for that.
i did a long first stint a i could, and was able to pass a couple of cars i was behind before my stop. finally i had free air ahead of me for a couple of laps, but as i started to close the car in front, i made a mistake out of Ascari and spun. this made me back into the midfield traffic again, around Greg, Nigel and others. a couple of laps later Daniel K. spun into Ascari... i really slowed down and past him quite safe i think, but his spinning car just caught the rear of mine. again facing to the onciming traffic, again lots of time lost unti i could rejoin.
in the final laps it was really scary in the dark, endurance lights made things maybe even worse. in the end i brought it home on P17, after i let Miguel past again, for the 3rd time.

this was one of the most frustrating races ever, to be honest :) after lap 1, i really wanted to quit but kept my head down and finished the race. too bad i really couldn't fight anyone on the track. the last car finishing ahead of me was almost one lap ahead. our car was really tricky in these conditions, i didn't have the pace, maybe for top 8-10 this time.
congrats to Miguel and podium, and to all finishers aswell. this was a really hard night.
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David Dhoore

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My race

Q p2
I had a good lap , maybe i could improve a few tenths as i didnt had clear space on the 3rd sector of my fastest lap but Mikes time was defenetely not in reach , but happy with p2 in quali .

R p8
I had a better start than Mike and my position on the formation lap gave me the inside line for t1 , we went side by side through the corner but unfortunate Mike spun, was really worried if did left enough room for him or if i was at fault . My replay showed no contact so think i am good . So p1 and my pace was good , i could maintain the gap to Nemanja , Miguel and Mike and pitted with 65 min to go to prevent someone undercutting me . Not the best pitstop once again and when i came out i struggled to get back into my rythum , lost seconds there and after Migs and Mike stop i was p2 behind Miguel . From then on it went quickly downhill . With 50 min to go i made a spin on the lesmo 1 facing the oppositie way and when i got the car in the right direction i got hit from a driver behind full on the rear causing me +15 sec damage , nobodys fault but very unfortunate for both of us. Had really no idea what caused the spin but then i saw the tc standing at 5 . I forgot to increase the tc after t1 (stupid mistake) . Thought i could continue with the damage but the car was undrivable so only option was to pit again and fix the damage . There i make another mistake , i turn of the change tires but i dont untick fuel . So car was fixed but had loads of fuel on board . At first i thought my game was bugged on fuel (wtf is this :)) but quickly i saw my second error. Lost a bit motivation and with a full tank my car wasnt very fast anymore but brought it home and ended the race in p8
This could ended way better for me but that 1 small mistake with the tc setting costs me a podium .
Grats to Miguel,Mike and Ralf and als for the drivers that finished the race , conditions were tough but it was really an experience and very satisfying to bring the car home yesterday

More of this plz :)
My race

Q: 14
I screwed up my laps maybe there was 1 more sec in it, unfortunately i couldn't make it.

R: dnf

I hoped that the race condition will be similar to the qualy's. IMO, that much rain and wetness are too dangeruos to race on. There were too many puddles around the track that make almost impossible to overtake or even start a race without incidents. That was my destiny too, i think Grant Jones went on a puddle at the start and immediately spun and hit me. i think in these conditions that was inevitable, i can't blame on him.
After that, i went to the pit to repair the car and continue the race. Then my pace was kind of okay, I managed to pass i think Callum Morgan who then braked too late and spun me.
A few laps later i tried to pass a laped guy, went off the ideal line through a puddle and spun again immediately. Same happened a few laps later again, when i tried to catch Callum again...i tried to save the situation by touching the grass, but i didn't see that someone was already there on the grass and crashed him with really high speed. So, my race was over, maybe his race's too. Sorry for that.

Anyway, grats to the podium guys, and to all the finishers.
Hope for a better luck next time. :)


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Grats to Miguelito and Mike as well as to all finishers who survived these tricky conditions.
I still feel like I need to recover from yesterday's event because driving in the spray and on a flooded track from start to finish did cost a lot of energy...maybe I'm getting old :p. Not to change tyres seems to be an option on wets. Thought they might degrade quicker even in the rain and decided the safer option and changed. P3 was a surprise and I'm aware it was mainly because of bad luck or mistakes by others. However it's still a good feeling to put the Ferrari onto the podium in such conditions. Lapping cars under blue flag was always bit of a risk and sometimes a bit scary and hard for both when leaving the better line...I think there was one. Enjoyed it and I'm already looking forward to what will come next.

J. Forsberg

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Events Coordinator
Same here, never expected such a good position for me in that race, especially after a disastrous Q with 100L in the tank :D

Q23 - P6

Many places won by mistakes and other cars spins, but man, felt good to see me again in top 10 after a looong while. Spent almost whole race in the spray of the car aheadd and it was really tough, I couldn't even afford 1 nanosecond of distraction to avoid any possible contact. Mental.

Also congrats to podium, Mig for that well deserved win, and to everyone who ended the race under such rough conditions, wd all !!
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