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S42 GT3M III | Round 4 | 30/09/20 | Eurospeedway Lausitz GP

Added to Calendar: 30/09/20

Simon Fillingham

Staff member
Driver Champion
Welcome to the Round 4 Eurospeedway Lausitz GP discussion thread.


Official Practice: 18:30 (60 mins)
Qualifying: 19:30 (20 mins)
Race: 19:50 (100 mins)


drivers are required to be in the PRE RACE BRIEFING voice channel for the Driver Briefing which will commence 15 mins before Qualifying is due to commence. Those that fail to show without prior warning will receive 1 penalty point on their license.


Flat and with high levels of grip, the Lausitzring dares you to go too fast too soon. But to set a good lap, you need to be smooth and avoid errors in the infield section. Go easy on the high kerbs in the first hairpin or your lap will suffer.







All registered drivers are required to attend this race. If for any reason you are unable to attend then please state your absence below. If a registered driver is not in the server by the end of the briefing and has not given prior notice of late arrival, their place will be offered to any guest drivers that are present at the briefing.


Any driver who is not registered for this series may apply for a guest start at this event on RaceApp. Guest drivers must be registered on the forum and have joined our Discord channel and be present for the Pre-Race Briefing.


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Simon Fillingham

Staff member
Driver Champion
Tutorial video for double-file rolling start procedure. Note - the only difference with our procedure is that we form on the side of the track we were placed on the grid at, which might not always be the inside line into T1.

Formation zone

The formation zone for this and every race in the S42 championship will begin at the end of sector2 / start of sector 3. So for Road America GP that is shortly after the kink between T11 & T12 on the above track map.

So when the lead car reaches this point he must slow to 50mph/80kph and move to the side of the track that he was placed on the grid at. P2 must move alongside P1 onto the side of the track that he was placed on the grid at. P2 should not move in front of P1.

Subsequent drivers must then form 2 trains behind P1 & P2, moving to the side of the track they were placed on the grid at.

Please see the above video & procedure for further clarification.

Acceleration zone

The acceleration zone for Lausitz GP will begin at the start of the tyre wall that protects the pit wall, as shown below:

2020-07-19 1401 0006.jpg

The acceleration zone will end at the start/finish line, as shown below:

2020-07-19 1400 0005.jpg

At any point within the acceleration zone, the leader is allowed to go full throttle to signify the start of the race. This is to be done in one smooth action. From the moment everyone starts to accelerate, drivers may break from their train if they have a good run on the driver ahead. Bear in mind that you still can not overtake the driver directly in front of you in your train until you have crossed over the start-finish line. Also, be aware of other drivers alongside you doing the same.

From the moment you cross the s/f line, it is full racing conditions.
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