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S46 DTM 2020 | Round 4 | 21/02/21 | Suzuka Grand Prix

Added to Calendar: 21/02/21

Jak Camoletto

Staff member
Driver Champion
Events Coordinator
Welcome to the Round 4 Suzuka Grand Prix discussion thread.


Official Practice: 19:00 (60 mins)
Qualifying: 20:00 (12 mins)
Race : 20:12 (55 mins)

In-game time: Afternoon


drivers are required to be in the PRE RACE BRIEFING voice channel for the Driver Briefing which will commence 15 mins before Qualifying is due to commence. Those that fail to show without prior warning will receive 1 penalty point on their license.


Suzuka has been an icon of racing in the Far East for decades and it is one of few circuits in the world with a "figure 8" layout, the back straight passing over the front section via an overpass. You get three layouts on this famed tarmac.





All registered drivers are required to attend this race. If for any reason you are unable to attend then please state your absence below. If a registered driver is not in the server by the end of the briefing and has not given prior notice of late arrival, their place will be offered to any guest drivers that are present at the briefing.


Any driver who is not registered for this series may apply for a guest start at this event on RaceApp. Guest drivers must be registered on the forum and have joined our Discord channel and be present for the Pre-Race Briefing.


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Simon Fillingham

Staff member
Driver Champion
Into the pen...

Media: It seemed you had a busy 55 minutes out there this afternoon. Are you satisfied with your P10 result?

A top 10 result should be satisfactory in this field, but truth is it should have been at least a couple of positions better. I had some really nice racing with a bunch of guys out there and it was nice to be able to keep it together for the most part.

Media: We saw you stutter at the lights and then run wide into T1 on the last lap, is this what you mean by could have been better?

Yeah, 2 slip ups at either end of the race cost me. But hey, I'm sure most ppl didn't execute a perfect race so it is what it is. The positives are that I ran well and I enjoyed racing with the guys here at RRLeagues. It was a great combo btw, although Suzuka rarely disappoints.
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