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WEC/IMSA Class Testing

Ethan Kearley

Staff member
Events Coordinator
I put this report on Discord yesterday but we have members that don't check that so regularly and it gets buried after not very long so I included it here of everyone to see. This was done off my own back and does not necessarily reflect any upcoming RRL events/series. The report was written in an academic style and follows the layout of reports I was required to do at university partly for ease of understanding and partly for my own revision. Normally, a report like this would have a list of tables and a list of figures however as this report is only 9 pages long so they were omitted

If you have any comments or questions then please feel free to mention them below. the TL;DR is in the "Conclusion" at the bottom of the report.

Link: https://tinyurl.com/WEC-IMSA-Report
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