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RaceClub will bring even more fun throughout Summer of Thunder '19 with a special Endurance series of events. Shifted to Saturday's, to accommodate the longer race times, the first meet is scheduled for this coming Saturday and will feature the ever-popular GT3 class at Nurburgring GP on RaceRoom. Follow the links to find out more and to register for the event.

RaceClub Schedule GTR3 @ Nurburgring

by Jon Patterson

Formula 1 took a brief break from Europe, touching down in Montreal for the Canadian Grand Prix at the Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve.

With Mercedes dominating the opening six rounds of the championship all eyes were on Ferrari to see if they could topple the Silver Arrows.  Who would take the chequered flag, and who would take the victory?  Read on to find out!

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This was the moment when Janko Glavac became just the 4th driver to hold the #1 ranking at RRLeagues. On Lap 12 in Race 2, the Slovenian made his way to the front of the field in the #12 Merc to take the lead of the race and take the #1 ranking from Peter Bakus. Glavac has reached the summit in just 23 races at RRL (the ranking being calculated from previous 15 races) which includes 17 podiums and 3 DNF's from tech issues. Janko is currently leading the CrewChief BMW v Merc '92 series and will be looking to get his hands on his 1st RRL Driver Championship and with his name on the S31 FR 90 series sign-ups, who would bet against it being a double delight for the supersonic Slovenian this Summer?

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Hot on the heels of today's release of Formula Raceroom 90, we are excited to reveal that we will be running a shortened series of these open-wheelers that are sure to recapture memories of the 90's era of F1. Available in V8, V10 & V12 varieties, these sweet sounding machines will grace 4 iconic F1 venues in Season 31 as a replacement for the cancelled Summer Slam series. The opening round is on Sunday, 16th June and registration is NOW OPEN via the MENU button above!

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RRL Online Sim Racing

RRL Online Sim Racing

RRL Online Sim Racing