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A 4th Championship has been announced at RRLeagues to complete our Summer series line up for 2017!

We are to excited to launch the Season 6 GTR3 Get Real Championship that will commence on the 7th June. 6 rounds will be contested on a bi-weekly schedule with races taking place on a Wednesday evening (BST).

Tracks are still being decided upon, have your say in our Season 6 track poll. Races will be 45mins in length with 1 endurance round of 70mins.

Live broadcasting, stewards, driver statistics, practice server, forum, website.... Come and experience our fast evolving R3E community.

Sign ups now OPEN in the forum!

Season 6 GTR3 Forum

We're committed to try and bring you the most complete simulated experience of real life motor-racing here at RRLeagues.

All Championship races from this point forward will be broadcast LIVE via RRLeagues YouTube channel using the impressive broadcast software from Sector3. Now the world will see everything from your last gasp pole lap to taking the chequered flag, and all that lies in between! Spread the word by advertising your races wherever you can (but please avoid spamming) and help build the RRLeagues brand!

RRL Online Sim Racing

RRL Online Sim Racing

RRL Online Sim Racing