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by Dan Badcock

As the RRLeagues WTCR season enters the home stretch, I thought I would take the chance to both review the season so far and look ahead to the final 3 races and who is planning an assault on both the Driver's and Team's Championships.

With 5 rounds and 10 races in the RRLeagues history books, so far this season has seen a total of 4 winners: Janko Glavac (5), Elmar Kurbanov (1), Robert Horvath (3) and Ralf Arella (1). It has also seen a total of 11 different drivers finishing in either 2nd or 3rd place with all race winners among the 11 drivers to finish on the podium.

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This week, a slight tweak to the RRL Driver Rankings was actioned on its 1 year anniversary. Up until now, a drivers previous 20 races had counted towards their ranking score and it had been Ralf Arella who had dominated, being our #1 for 41 of the 46 weeks where the rankings had been calculated. A simply astonishing feat that has left us knowing the German as, Stella Arella!

Robert Horvath was Ralf's main rival and was the only other driver to hold the #1 rank, and only last week the Hungarian managed to wrestle his way back to the top after a 26 week run by Ralf!

Today, the criteria for calculating a driver's ranking changed to his/her previous 15 races for what is hoped will give more drivers a realistic shot at becoming #1. And indeed, this has proved to be the case as Peter 'Backo' Bakus became just our 3rd driver to hold the coveted #1 ranked driver title after a scintillating run of form in the Ford GT & the Zakspeed Capri this season! The Slovakian holds a comfortable margin over fellow countryman, Pavol Nyiri, in 2nd, and won't have any thoughts of relinquishing his 'RRL's Best' accolade anytime soon!


We are pleased to announce the inauguration of the AM Cup at RRLeagues from Summer of Thunder '19 season onwards!

The AM Cup will run alongside the main drivers championship and will provide added incentive to those drivers who may not find themselves at the business end of a championship too often.

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Season 25 competitors travel way across to the West Coast for Rd 5 of the series. Sonoma Raceway welcomes the return of the Group 5 machines whose drivers will this time be tackling the IRL layout of the arduous circuit. Peter Bakus leads the drivers' championship and after leading contender, Damien De Grasse had to withdraw, can anyone mount a strong enough challenge to stop the Slovakian taking his 2nd RRL title? Watch the race LIVE on our YouTube channel as the drama unfolds!


RRL Online Sim Racing

RRL Online Sim Racing

RRL Online Sim Racing