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We sat down with Robet Horvath after his dominant performance in Season 21 GTR3. Found out what he had to say to our RRL News reporter.

Driver Interview

Our Winter season, Chills n' Thrills, is now all in place as a double-header of multiclass racing awaits. 

S27 will see the newly released GTR4 class compete alongside the recently updated GTR1 class. This championship will occupy the Sunday night slot and will be on RaceRoom.

S28 is our rFacrtor2 series and will utilise the P2 & GTE cars from the recently released Endurance Pack. This will run a Wednesday evening with racing being 100 mins in duration.

We look forward to seeing you on the grids across all 4 series come January!

Robert Horvath was in perilous form throughout S21 to be crowned GTR3 driver champion. Absent for Rd 1, Horvath went on to take 5 victories and 2 P2's at the following 6 rounds leaving the competition in his wake. The Hungarian, alongside Czech; Pavel Moravec would also be declared Team Champions for HM Racing after landing the impressive Mercedes AMG GT3 in the pre-season draft.

S21 Honours

We promised nothing was certain and how that exploded on an unbelievable night of drama at Macau in the final round of S24 WTCC! 

Leading the series by 14 pts, Dhoore only required 2 steady results to be driver champion of S24. Superpole gave David a front row seat and all looked in control. But nervousness & tension would haunt the Belgian from the lights which saw him record P9 in Race 1, and P14 in Race 2 after suffering heavy damage on the 1st lap. An anxious wait would be endured as stewards investigated incidents, but it was soon announced that David was confirmed as S24 WTCC driver champion becoming the 1st driver at RRL to retain a specific class title!

S24 Honours

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