About RRL

RRLeagues is an online sim racing community that provides authentic & professionally organised RaceRoom Racing Experience (R3E) & Assetto Corsa Competizione(ACC) series. Our aim is to deliver the finest sim racing experience for our members and we welcome all respectful drivers to our competitive yet friendly & helpful community.

Drivers wishing to race at RRLeagues must be registered on RaceApp, our league management solution. Full series information along with RRLeagues rules can be found in our Discord channels which must be read and understood before registration to our series.

RRLeagues started out as a small Discord group whose members enjoyed racing R3E together for fun. The community evolved in 2017 when a new & enthused admin brought about a more professional offering, building an online presence that made RRL a sought after sim racing haven in the R3E scene.

The merger with United Racers League (URL), once a leading GTR2 community, in 2018 brought with it a brief escapade into rF2 before the much-anticipated release of Assetto Corsa Competizione soon found its way into our sim rostrum.

Boasting well in excess of 500 races, RRL offers drivers a proven formula that will keep you coming back for more, giving you the platform to forge lasting friendships and build trust amongst your peers on track. The more you race with a group the better your experience becomes so we encourage you to take full advantage of our community and begin your sim-racing career with RRL today!

We look forward to seeing you on track!

Contact us: admin [at] rrleagues [dot] com