RRleagues livery competition

June 27, 2021  — 

You’ll hopefully all be aware of our funky new branding and it’s time we took that a stage further. You’re into wireframes and layers? Well, this is for you!

If the image on the right looks familiar to you then you are the exact person we’re looking for. Following the major overhaul to everything RRL, we’ve decided we need an official livery, one that drivers from this community can take to races in other communities and show off that RRL funkiness from the front of the pack, as it’s almost a given that it will shave at least a second off your best lap time!

It’s a free design competition so pick the car of your choice and let your artistic imagination run free. As I said, we’d hope to see this design used for major competitions held around the sim-racing community in order to spread the RRLeagues love. So, a few tips;

Clean is best. Don’t clutter the car with logos, tasteful application is required.

Incorporate the RRL colour scheme into your design somewhere. somehow.

Classy and striking wins the day.

Try and stick with a ‘Title sponsor’ - just in case a billionaire decides to sponsor us in the future, that way we can substitute the logos and artwork.

You’re bound to need them, so here are the hex codes:

Blue: 6CCDF3

Pink: ED73A1

Yellow: FEE962

Requests for any RRL assets should be made in the General chat channel on Discord and we’ll see if we have what you’re looking for.

Of course, by entering, you’re selling your soul to RRleagues. You agree that your design can be used for promotional and marketing purposes, or (with RRL permission) by a driver that wishes to participate in a race or series outside of this community without claim to reward, whether you emerge the lucky winner or not.


The winner will be decided by RRLeagues staff and the winner notified by DM in Discord, as well as a general announcement to the community.

The winner will receive a 60x40cm acrylic print (about the size of a 32” monitor and worth £90) of their winning design in action, on track. The best-dressed of the rest will receive a Thermochromic ‘magic’ mug (worth £20) of their design.

Best of luck to you all.

Closing date: 31st August 2021

written by: Martin Hughes