GT3MVII Livery Launch Week inc Masters preview video.

August 26, 2023  — 

With the highly anticipated GT3 Masters VII in association with TREQ now within touching distance, teams eagerly seized the opportunity to showcase their prowess during the annual Livery Launch Week (LLW) spectacle that precedes the main competition.

Back when Masters VII was confirmed at the beginning of the year, racing teams from around the globe began piecing together the line-up that would ultimately afford them the best opportunity for success in this renowned series. After months of secrecy and continued measures to keep their cars & drivers away from the prying eyes of the world's press, LLW was the occasion to parade the fruits of their labour to the world.

Of the 17 teams competing, 16 would embrace Masters fever and present their outfits during a glitzy LLW that showcased the design visions and media intellect of the factory. A combination of video, imagery and text formats lit the evenings as one by one the Masters grid formed, inclusive of some of the finest sim racing talent, on & off the track, the world has seen.

What began with Boyd Transport Racing and culminated with reigning Masters champions, Team WRT, LLW was yet again an overwhelming triumph that set the mood perfectly for the season's opening race, which takes place this weekend at Valencia.

Check out our social media channels for LLW highlights or visit our Discord server for a complete catalogue of GT3MVII presentations. Our GT3 Masters VII - Pre-Season Build-Up video also contains a recap of the team entries amid a comprehensive preview of the series.

written by: Simon Fillingham