New website

November 16, 2022  — 

Hello sim racers, welcome to the new website of RRLeagues!

We feel that our current series, CrewChief GT3 Masters VI, can rival what the best sim racing communities around the world have to offer. Preparation was intense, the interest was overwhelming and the build-up to the first race was very exciting. Livery Launch Week was truly special, it created a buzz like never before.

And even though Discord is - and will remain - our default communication channel, we felt our old website could use a bit of 'Master Magic' too. Less 'NSU' and more 'GT3'... ;-)

So when not out on track racing or practising, we were busy developing this new site. We transformed it into a kind of 'RRL hub'. A place where potential new drivers will find all info needed to get started, and where seasoned RRL members can stay up to date on race dates, news and championship standings.

We are quite proud to present to you our better-looking and more informative website. And we hope you like it too!

written by: Ruud Denis