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After a 6 month absence, RaceRoom returned to the forefront of activity to kick off the 2023 programme of racing at RRLeauges.

How much fun you have when you go racing does not (always) depent on the amount of horsepower the engine produces. This experience is perhaps best demonstrated by a clash of several NSU cars...

RRL’s opening series of 2022 present their last hurrah as all roads lead to Silverstone for the final round of S57 GTO Classics & S58 GT3 Masters V.

It’s Season 57 at RRLeagues which sees the drivers tackle to GTO Classic cars from the 1980s - The Nissan 300ZX, Audi 90 Quattro and Ford Mustang, all in full race trim with the Audis and Nissans with (respectively very and extremely) powerful turbos