Custom livery submission

Using customised liveries is a great way to showcase your creative side, make a car your own and mix up the feel of the grid. These look great both while racing on track and while watching broadcasts.

Submitting and accessing liveries for any RRL season is easy. If you are submitting a livery to use and for others to see simply follow the criteria below and we will check and compile a Series Livery Package. 
If you are not submitting a livery of your own but would still like to see the others on track then you will also be able to download and install the package once it has been compiled.


Each livery will be checked by the administrators - this will generally be a formality but where a livery is clearly inappropriate, offensive or not executed in an acceptable manner it will not make it into the package.

If you decide to download the livery package you risk having a potential lag spike while each specific livery is loaded into the server. This generally happens during the practice session but may also happen during qualifying and the race itself. If you do not download the livery package, you will not experience the aforementioned lag spikes.

As of v1.8 ACC now handles custom liveries slightly differently than before, therefor theoretically eliminating any potential lag spikes.

Below you will find options to submit your custom livery for the current Assetto Corsa Competizione series.
Both the livery definition.json and corresponding decals/sponsors/dds files are required.
Please name your livery something unique; such as your car, team name and number.

Good example: RRL S50 Porsche GT3 Clive Brittain 420 

Bad example: Porsche Cup

Once all liveries are submitted and checked we will make a series livery package announcement on Discord with all the files being available to download via the #series-overview Discord channel.



The livery.json files inside the “cars” folder contains specific information required to run and observe each livery. The files contain information such as car number, team name, nationality and the location of each corresponding custom livery folder.

Upload your livery file.json 



The folders inside “liveries” will contain an image, .json and .dds files associated with each custom car. There can be up to two layers present in each folder; a decals [.png, .json & .dds] and/or a sponsors [.png, .json & .dds].

Upload you custom livery folder