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RRL News Champion Driver Interview | S21 GTR3 | Robert Horvath

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Today we talk to Robert Horvath after his dominant run in the GTR3 championship.

Congratulations, Robert, on taking home the GTR3 drivers champion title, and taking the teams championship with your team mate Pavel. You're consistently at the sharp end of the RRL ranking, but it's only your second drivers championship title after Season 16. Where does this title come in the list of your successes?
Thank you! I think it's the championship I'm the most proud about, because the driver numbers and competition were high all season. The Porsche Cup and the former URL seasons I won, unfortunately were not so popular... There were a lot of fast drivers I expected at the front, and a lots who I didn't expect to be that fast as the were, but they were surprising me. All in all, I really enjoyed this season!

You dominated the season after being absent for the first round. Did you expect this? What was your goal for this season at the start?
Well, knowing that Reinhard will not participate, my only goal could be to fight for the overall win. I'd like to take part in the season opener very much but unfortunately I couldn't, looking at the stream I would have really enjoyed it! To answer the question, I didn't expect to any kind of domination, especially my early-season form was better than I thought. As you could see as the season progresses my domination disappeared... some people needed more time to find the sweet spot of their cars. If the season started now, I wouldn't name myself as the main contender. Also I really missed Reinhard from this series, hope he will return to us soon.

Did you panic or loose faith after also 'losing' the first sprint race at Silverstone?
I was rather pissed off because of my stupid mistake and my determination to win the 2nd race became more high :)

The car draft was favourable for you, getting the new Merc. Do you think you could have won with another car as well?
Our original nr1. choice was the C7 but it was taken very early in the draft. I think the AMG is a nicely balanced and stable car, a good all-rounder, but I think on any track there is some faster cars than it. For example when I practiced to Road America, the B6, the and Z4, even the Mustang were faster. I think with most of the cars I would have been competitive and have chance for podium or win races. And with long races and multipliers, it's not just about the pace but racecraft, including avoiding incidents, taking care of tyres, consistency, no mistakes and good strategy in pits. And regarding racecraft, i think this was my best season of any, so far. I made only 2 mistakes i can remember at, spinning at Silverstone and hitting Max at the Nordschleife.

What is your most memorable moment from this season of racing?
My home win with strong dominance, it felt really good :) and I really enjoyed the close fights at Portimao, Zandvoort, Zolder, Nordschleife.

You showed impeccable pace throughout the season. What's your secret on keeping it together at high pace?
The setup. I spend quite a lot of time to find a sweet setup, watching the balance during the stint. If you find it, you feel comfortably in the car and you can give more attention to the race situations, fights, strategy instead of fighting the car.

Are you planning on racing at RRL in Chill 'n Thrill 2019?
Definitely, i will participate in the wednesday championships, and if i can, i would like to do a couple of races on sundays too, only as reserve, for the fun of it. For example the seaon opener at the Red Bull Ring in GTR1/GTR4 class really seduces me ...

Simon Fillingham

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Well done Robert! Pavol really improved as the season went on, will be a threat in future series I'm sure (if he can keep it clean ;) )
Miguel's expert commentary, I have no doubt, is a strong reason why attendance stayed so high.
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