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Simon Fillingham

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We are looking to put in place a new banner on our website and we would like YOU to design it for us! That's right folks, your masterpiece could be featured across all RRLeagues platforms and be in place by the end of October!

So, if you are feeling creative we would love for you to share your concept(s) with us. The banner will initially be in situ on the website and will be adapted (resized), preferably with your help, to be implemented onto our Twitter, YouTube & Facebook channels.

Please bear in mind the following when creating your banner for our website:

  1. The image must be 960 x 275 and be no more than ~100kb in size.
  2. The inclusion of RaceRoom & rFactor2 logos is of high importance.
  3. The inclusion of our web address, 'RRLeagues.com' is of high importance.
  4. The inclusion of our logo is of low importance.
  5. To integrate the shade of blue used on our website/in our logo into your banner is of medium importance.
  6. The use of CGI (Computer Generated Imagery), especially R3E & rF2 art, is preferred over 'real-life' images. But we will leave this to your discretion.
  7. When resizing for social media channels, there will be a part of your banner at the bottom left-hand corner that will be masked by the profile pic (which is why the logo is of low importance). Check our/any social media channels for an idea of this.
  8. We are a sim-racing community and the banner obviously needs to reflect this.
  9. The banner must not contain a personal signature.

You may submit as many entries as you wish. Entries should be sent via PM to either myself or Miguel. The winning banner will be decided on by a vote from the admin. All entries will be published in a forum thread shortly after the vote.

Closing date for entries: 15th October 2018
Winner announced: 22nd October 2018.

Disclaimer: by submitting a banner you agree to let RRLeagues use it how they see fit, free of charge. Credit/acknowledgement will be given to the winning artist as RRL sees necessary.

Link to logo's: https://rrleagues.com/forum/index.php?threads/rrleagues-logos.226/
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