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Round 1 Road America GP discussion (60 mins) | 15/08/18

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Simon Fillingham

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Welcome to the RRL-R3E-S21-GTR3 Round 1 Road America GP thread.


Official Practice: 19:00 (60 mins)
Qualifying 1: 20:00 (15 mins)
Race 1: 20:15 (60 mins)


Road America is a permanent road course located near Elkhart Lake in Wisconsin, USA. The 6.515 km long track has hosted races since the 1950s and has maintained its original layout since then. It features many elevation changes and long stretches of road where speeds above 300 km/h can be reached. The track is a regular part of the calendar in many different racing series such as the NASCAR Xfinity Series, WeatherTech SportsCar Championship, SCCA Pirelli World Challenge, ASRA, AMA Superbike series, IndyCar Series, and SCCA Pro Racing's Trans-Am Series.




ALL drivers are required to be in the PRE RACE BRIEFING voice channel for the Driver Briefing which will commence 15 mins before Qualifying is due to commence. Those that fail to show without prior warning will be given a warning which will also gain 1 penalty point on your Licence.











Below is a list of the registered drivers for the series. If any of the registered drivers CANNOT attend this event they must notify us (by leaving a message in this thread) at the earliest opportunity.

  1. @Daniel Badcock
  2. @Simon Fillingham
  3. @Rella
  4. @ToxicTears
  5. @Pepan05
  6. @sebevrah87
  7. @rad
  8. @Michal Pietrasz
  9. @Pavol Nyiri (pagiki)
  10. @Pavel Hutnik
  11. @Malte
  12. @Lukas Kolb
  13. @FRAJDA Daniel
  14. @David Dhoore
  15. @mory666
  16. @Nemanja
  17. @eliofernandes
  18. @Olman Morales
  19. @trutya
  20. @Peki
  21. @Peter Bakus
  22. @Hellcat
  23. @adrift
  24. @mr_belowski
  25. @Morten Roslev
  26. @Nicolae Hartup
  27. @uk2008
  28. @Ethan Kearley
  29. @Marko
  30. @aSab
  31. @Max
  32. @Tomas Stanek
  33. @J. Forsberg
  34. @Sobocinski
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i didn't practice that much recently, i guess low 06s-high 05s are possible in the first couple of laps while tyres are white.
and what's up with SLS? :)

Simon Fillingham

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I might join for this one, so @trutya are you driving AMG?
Simon do I have to register for the series to participate right?
Andraz, for this series the only instance when a reserve will be invited to join the grid is if we have a permanent withdrawal, or someone is removed from the championship because of a no-show with no notice of absence given.
Oh ok, I didn’t register before because I knew I would not be able to attend all races and I thought I would drive as reserve only on some of them. I like the system tho, too bad I don’t have time for this series.


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Having taken all the wing off the Porsche, farted around with the setup and practiced for an hour I'm still struggling to get into the 2:06's. Clearly the Porsche is a rubbish car and it's making my amazing skills look weak. Seeing low 2:05s in tonight's RRL practice session is a bit concerning :(

Also, anyone else getting vomit-inducing levels of understeer in the 2nd half of the Carousel? Again, I blame Porsche, but my car handles like a canal barge there

Simon Fillingham

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I dont think Ralf and i have fared too bad in landing the SLS. It sounds sublime and my Black Falcon #1 livery is striking. so, on looks & sounds ive already won the championship!

to drive.... yeah its good. its solid, planted - theres no feeling like the back end is gonna break traction easy so its easy to have confidence in the car. but it comes at a price - the car also feels a little heavy, understeery and isnt nimble at all. but it sounds great! so what is a flat out kink in a mclaren/z4 now requires absolute precision in the SLS to avoid having to lift which isnt always easy, esp on x3 degrading tyres. so it has its challenges.

x3 tyres will play their part. i can get about 4/5 push push laps out of them before they are past their best. i can make a set last about 40-45 mins before theyre deep into red so confident everyone will be on a 1 stop strategy for this race. with 4 tyres taking 30 secs to change, 2 stops will not be a race winning strategy.

there was a few of us on the server tonight - It seems Ralf & I are fairly evenly matched at the moment at around the mid 06 mark. The GFR Czech team of Michal & Pavel were putting in some quick times - low 05's i believe, could even have been high 04s - in the Z4, which seems to be a really good balanced car. from a team point of view, we can only hope they were on quali fuel.
David looked quick in the Audi R8 LMS for Intense Racing - nearly half a second quicker than Ralf & I and it looked like he was doing long stints so we'll have to get our spies into their camp. I'll send the RRL bouncers round for a random spot check!
Jim was a little off the pace perhaps but id be surprised if our S9 GTR3 champ doesnt improve before our sesaon opener - just a week tonight!

anyone else find track limits at canada corner a little unpredictable? i cant tell if there is an exit kerb there and TL extend on to its edge, or the TL is at the white line on edge of track. likely only to be an issue in quali, but still, not very clear.


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i guess at Canada corner exit you can take the concrete "kerb" like half-widht and there is no cut warning. you can't put the whole car on it without penalty for sure.
i hope too that Michal and Pavol had qualy laps but Z4 was quite strong around this track too, it's pace like AMG's. for me, i did a couple of laps today, i set low/flat 2:06s with full tank but didn't have perfect laps. but tyre wear is around 6% per lap for me on the left front which means i could make 15-16 laps until tyres are dead. but it's a 60min race so 1 stop should be possible, but hard
Audi must be strong here aswell because it's strong on brakes and excellent in fast corners, i guess it's the top car around here.
fuel consumption will be a factor here too, but i didn't check it...
i'm so sad i can't make this race, the field looks well balanced after that draft.
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