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Round 2 Silverstone GP discussion (Sprint Race) | 29/08/18

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Simon Fillingham

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Welcome to the RRL-R3E-S21-GTR3 Round 2 Silverstone GP thread.


Sprint Race

Official Practice: 19:00 (60 mins)
Qualifying 1: 20:00 (15 mins)
Race 1: 20:15 (25 mins)
Qualifying 2: 20:40 (15 mins) (In-game time of day - Sunset)
Race 2: 20:55 (25 mins) (In-game time of day - Sunset)


Silverstone is also known as "The Home Of British Motor Racing" and it is one of the most well known and loved circuits in the world.

The track has a long and glorious history which was built upon in 2010 where it had a massive facelift both to the layout and the facilities around the track. The main highlight for the race drivers is the introduction of the new "Arena" layout, which has been designed to create better overtaking opportunities while keeping the high-speed corner combinations which make this track so unique. It is still a high-speed circuit and it is still very demanding on both drivers and equipment, but now more than ever a wide range of skills are needed to take the podium here.




ALL drivers are required to be in the PRE RACE BRIEFING voice channel for the Driver Briefing which will commence 15 mins before Qualifying is due to commence. Those that fail to show without prior warning will be given a warning which will also gain 1 penalty point on your Licence.











Below is a list of the registered drivers for the series. If any of the registered drivers CANNOT attend this event they must notify us (by leaving a message in this thread) at the earliest opportunity.

  1. @Daniel Badcock
  2. @Simon Fillingham
  3. @Rella
  4. @ToxicTears
  5. @Pepan05
  6. @sebevrah87
  7. @rad
  8. @Michal Pietrasz
  9. @Pavol Nyiri (pagiki)
  10. @Pavel Hutnik
  11. @Malte
  12. @Lukas Kolb
  13. @FRAJDA Daniel
  14. @David Dhoore
  15. @mory666
  16. @Nemanja
  17. @eliofernandes
  18. @Olman Morales
  19. @trutya
  20. @Peki
  21. @Peter Bakus
  22. @Hellcat
  23. @adrift
  24. @mr_belowski
  25. @Morten Roslev
  26. @Nicolae Hartup
  27. @uk2008
  28. @Ethan Kearley
  29. @Marko
  30. @aSab
  31. @Max
  32. @Tomas Stanek
  33. @J. Forsberg
  34. @Sobocinski
  35. @Greg Metcalf
  36. @Oli Bateson
Driver list to be confirmed.
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Well, both races were copy paste, P2 qualy, except i maybe such a noob mistake in R1, some 4 laps remaining, and i manage to regain 4 places to the end, thanks to two drivers that spun each other in last turn on the last lap, thanks again for that xD

R2 was much stable. Though Ralf was 0.5sec behind for full race, but i was driving stable, without mistake.
I had easily P2 in both races, atleast, as i tried to catch Pavol in R1, so maybe even a win was possible there.

But Robert was unbeatable here, it was only his mistake that put him out of P1. Grats to podium and all finishers.

Im not sure if i like this type of races in GT3. And as Simon said, these are not that intense as dtm'92 or wtcc.
In longer races though you can have different strategy, so it adds another dimension, and i like it much more.

And definitely not looking forward to understeer festival at Hungaroring...

Daniel Badcock

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Morning all,

Last night was a tale of two halves for me...

Q1 - Set my best time of the week and was happy with my effort - I believe I ended P10-12... not sure where

R1 - Had a good start and stayed out of trouble in the opening laps before settling into my rhythm. Enjoyed a really good battle with @Simon Fillingham, @J. Forsberg and @Peki which quite tense for a while. I felt like I was best of biding my time and seeing how things played out and in the end I came out on top! I have to say though, one more lap and I may not have as my tyres were completely gone! P7 for me and a very good P3 for David!

Q2 - I was disappointed to qualify .7/8 slower than in Q1... Sadly my car felt completely different and this carried on into the race!

R2 - Starting lower down saw me get in to trouble at T1. Looking at the replay, I get very tight with the car on the inside of me but it looks like we were hit from behind and then carnage ensued! Once I got going again I enjoyed a very frustrating battle with @Lukas Kolb. It took me about 15 minutes to get past but once past I became even more frustrated as in a lap I had gapped him by 2 seconds... Where I was quicker I just couldn't pass. I almost got caught out a couple of times as I was so much faster than him in the mid corner phase but then lost out of the straight as I had to brake to avoid contact. I did hit and spin Lukas though and for this I apologise!

I thought racing standards were exceptional in R1 but R2 I thought that I was squeezed a few times and had I not backed out, would have been cutting the grass!

Thanks chaps!


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I would say the track needs a new tarmac ;) Didn't feel good there from the beginning and I was struggling a lot with the slippery car. So I made a small mistake in race 1 at the exit of Becketts and lost two positions to David and Peter. Our pace was similar and I started to try to intimidate David a bit although CC will have told him the same like me. Instead of gaining one position I lost another two to Greg and Vlastimil. Somehow the wrong direction. It could only get better in race 2 and it did. Car felt much better and I don't know if it was just the new session or the few clicks in the setup or the romantic sunset that helped me to drive more relaxed. Was a nice close battle throughout the whole race with Nemanja. In the corners I was a bit faster but I never had enough speed on hangar straight to overtake that huge and fast M6 even with slipstream. I knew upfront that I will struggle with the sprint races and missed the pit and tyre management components but the different types give some variety. Good clean races and grats again to winners and podiums.


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well an up and down event for me last night...
i knew the track doesn't suit to the car perfectly but i like Silverstone and i hope i'll be fast.
i tried to do a setupwith less understeer towards the end of stint, and in practice it looked it works.
in Q1 i had a nice laptime for the first effort but then couldn't improve... still P1.
my start was good, and i built a gap but as the tyres wore out the rear grip fell and with bit of a misconcentration i made a spin in T4 (which was hard anyways because i usually couldn't see the apex due to the rankings :D ) and i made another spin while tried to rejoin which was the bigger time loss unfortunately. i fell back around P17 and get stucked behind the two Ford GTs who were really fast in the straights. made another mistake and fell down again, in the last lap i just cought Jazz and the Fords who were battling, but couldn't improve, so P17. felt really disappointed and angry at myself.

for the second race i added 2 mor clicks to front camber to create a bit of safety understeer, and got the pole again but my lap was far from perfect this time.
but the changes paid off in the race, i didn't feel so fast in the beginning but as the race progresses i could keep a decent pace, however i had luck with Nemanja holding up Ralf who seemed as fast as me, and i built a comfortable gap and just brought it home without mistake this time.

i'm waiting for the Hungaroring as it's my home track and i like longer races anyway where strategy comes into play aswell, and my AMG should be good there, if i can handle tyre wear.

congrats to Pavol for his first win, and to the podium finishers aswell. must mention Greg who had a really strong race in R1.
too bad our team result was not so good as it could have been, but next time we'll try to strike back :)
see you!
Great races yesterday...I had so much fun. I got invited only few hours before race and trained only few laps, but I felt really good behind a wheel of Bentley. So thanks to Bentley team for this oportunity :) In the first race I made a mistake in last lap and lost 4 positions I think. In second race I was hit in T1 by someone and was almost last. But it was still good, entertaining race, as I was moving up in the order. In both races I never had some boring moment...always someone pushed on me or I was pushing on someone else...really good. Thanks guys and hopefully there will be a chance for permanent seat @Simon Fillingham
Did a bit more practice than usual and managed to get into the 2:02's but couldnt maintain that in the races. The P4/5 felt good in the corners where I could make up some time but I was getting blasted on the straights with my wing set to 1.
Race 1 was enjoyable without incident from the back and I had some good racing with those around. Reasonably happy with 19th.
Race 2 not so enjoyable, a bit more argy bargy than I would like and lost a lot of places from a hit from behind but managed to recover a few by the end of the race
Grats winners and podiums!
Will try and see if I can increase the speed of the P4/5 for the next race - any tips anyone? :)
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