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Round 3 Hungaroring GP discussion (60min Race) | 12/09/18

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don't do that. you'll have so massive oversteer that you will spin every corner. you'll be slower than with 4 old tyres.


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Try sorting that out with setup (towards oversteer)? :cool:
indeed. in any car you can create a setup with slight understeer/neutral. lower rear wing, add less front camber or more rear camber, add more rear spring and dampers overall. if nothing helps, you have to improve your driving style. do you use a wheel right @Ethan Kearley ? (with controller it can be hard to improve) - drive with smaller moves and smoother lines.
Sorry but I can´t make this race. Sometimes by seasons is very difficult for me to take part in the races, because I have to work. In my country the hour of this races is 12:00 m.d.

Ethan Kearley

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Yeah @trutya I am on a wheel, I'm just a bit shit and the Bentley moves under braking and is a bit understeery, a more liberal touch on the throttle though can get it fun :p


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Absolutely unlucky. Godzilla was in no way able to go to one stop in the boxing, so the only option was a two-stop strategy.

Q: Unexpectedly, I made quite good time and got to fifth place, which was a surprise.

R: A fairly good start and fifth place I got to 3rd place, where I was after the third round, when Nyiri had to pass through the box and so I went to the second position. After the first box I fell to about 21 positions, but I gradually got back. In the middle of the race I was in the first position. I could not keep it long, but the feeling was good. Unfortunately, the computer was frozen, 0FPS, wheel stuck and it was in the RIP. Hard restart as the only option and end of the race for me. A lot, but I'm a lot angry.

Daniel Badcock

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Well guys... First off congratulations to the podium and especially the winner @trutya... seriously good pace!!

Qualified a surprise 7th... Thanks @Simon Fillingham! You were the perfect car to follow :)

Race - started well, unlike in the WTCC! I think I fell to 8th as @J. Forsberg had a brilliant start from behind me! Opening laps were tense, people jostling for position, others holding station... @Lukas Kolb got a good run on me down the straight and despite me staying to the right trying to persuade him not to overtake, his Ford GT came barreling past me with nothing I could do to stop it... That isn't a bad car at all, especially with Lukas at the wheel!! After a few laps Lukas unfortuantely got a bit sideways and I got past and slowly got onto the back of the leading group in 7th.

The first stint was amazing last night, being part of a train of 6 cars all evenly matched was incredible and I was chuffed that I was able to keep pace with them... Towards the end of the stint my car actually felt really good and having dropped back 1.5 seconds I found myself reeling @Nemanja back in! I should have pitted with him though as I lost 3 places during my pitstop coming out equal with Simon.

I followed Simon for 3 laps or so before realising that I was unfortunately being held up slightly but I had nowhere to pass without forcing the issue... Something I don't want/like to do! @Max was closing in and I didn't want to have to defend so I tried a different line through the last corner unfortunately getting on the kerb and spinning into the wall. Luckily I was able to recover but I was closed down during the straight and lost a few places!

Last few laps saw a good battle with @Peki but that Nissan is as wide as you like, until an issue in the last lap saw him drop back...

Finishing 8th, I was happy with my evening's work but am now wondering what could have been had I pitted a lap early and not spun! Hey ho! It backs up my 7th place in R1 at Silverstone!!

Thanks again guys, very much enjoyed that one and look forward to the 95 minute race at Spa... my back on the other hand does not!!!

Catch you soon!

Simon Fillingham

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Seems Robert was in a class of his own, grats on the win at your home race. Another good result for Peter and nice to see Radek making the McLaren work to bag a podium position.

Little practice for me didn't seem to restrict my performance here. A 45.8 in quali I was very happy with which put my p8 on the grid. Lost some positions on the opening lap but regained them over the course of the 1st stint due to others mistakes.
Had pit Stop presets ready for both a one stop and two stop strategy but it soon became apparent that it was to be a one stop race.
The Chief was very accurate with fuel estimations as I chose to fill up with just 30L. This enabled me to jump Dan in the pit stops who was nearly 10 seconds up the road when I pitted.
Had a good battle with Dan and Max in the second stint and I'm quite disappointed how easily I let Max over take me into turn one I should have defended a lot better here.
Quite alarmed when the race went one lap longer than anticipated. tyres and fuel were both nearly finished but thankfully Jim was nearly 10 seconds behind so I was able to back off enough to bring the SLS home.


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just a quick report:
i made plenty of practice to get the car know with old tyres, and tried to create a setup that doesn't kill front tyres. the goal was to make 17 laps which i was on the limit in the practice laps.

my lap was not perfect as i had a big slide in the last corner, even 43 should have been doable but i'll take this.
my start was not the best, i tried not to make too much wheelspin. i was surprised i saw Pavol near me, i gave room in the inside but he was braking earlier. he was following close but due to his penalty i lost him behind. from then on i just watching my lines and braking zones without any stress and i could keep my decent pace for the whole stint. i saw that tyres will last 18 laps so i went for it, i had enough gap. then i forgot to swith off my engine so i lost there like 3 seconds but no big drama :)
i pushed a bit more hard in the first couple of laps and then settled back to 46s and 47s during the remaining laps.
too bad that Pavol had the penalty, he could have made it more interesting, also feeling sad about Vlastimil's bad luck with that disco, it would have been interesting to see where he can end with 2 stops, i think he could fight for P4 or P5 (however he would have lost more time due to refuelling than in 1st stop). and sorry to all that i didn't slow down in the end and that caused them punctures in the last lap.

congrats to podium and finishers, and see you at Spa!
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@Oli Bateson i can`t see your name in the discord list and when i did see it you had direct messaging turned off. if you want my setup for this race you need to turn it on.
Sorry Greg - it should be turned on. I had to rejoin the channel for some reason last night so that might have been the issue.

Bad race for me, tyres were gone way before a 1 stop was possible. Pitting was messed up and on rejoining I was getting blue flagged everywhere. Apologies to whoever I tapped in turn 1 - tried to leave room but managed to clip you on late turn in. I did wait for you to pass but you seemed to fall back so in the end I pitted and DNF'd. First for a long time. Hopefully the next race will be better.

Grats podium!
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