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Round 4 Moscow Full discussion | 30/09/18

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Simon Fillingham

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Driver Champion
Welcome to the RRL-R3E-S22-FR2 Round 4 Moscow Full thread.


Official Practice: 19:00 (60 mins)
Qualifying 1: 20:00 (15 mins)
Race: 20:15 (50 mins)


Moscow Raceway is the first Russian circuit built to hold international motorsport events. The track layout is short and technical, but the long back straight is built for slipstreaming and late brake manoeuvres. You will not go fast here until you get a feel for the blind corners.




ALL drivers are required to be in the PRE RACE BRIEFING voice channel for the Driver Briefing which will commence 15 mins before Qualifying is due to commence. Those that fail to show without prior warning will be given a warning which will also gain 1 penalty point on your Licence.










Below is a list of the 36 registered drivers and reserve drivers for the series. If any of the registered or reserve drivers CANNOT attend this event they must notify us (by leaving a message in this thread) at the earliest opportunity.

  1. @Simon Fillingham
  2. @kedy89
  3. @Rella
  4. @Peki
  5. @cudr12
  6. @Graham Fillingham
  7. @Marko
  8. @Colin Barker
  9. @sebevrah87
  10. @eliofernandes
  11. @ToxicTears
  12. @Peter Bakus
  13. @mr_belowski
  14. @Nemanja
  15. @J. Forsberg
  16. @Kimi7
  17. @David Buckley
  18. @Ben Reynolds
  19. @Henk-Jan Steneker
  20. @William Martin
  21. @mory666
  22. @adrift
  23. @Johngrim
  24. @uk2008
  25. @Alejandro Forero
  26. @Travis Rodriguez
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Simon Fillingham

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Driver Champion
Tyre wear is high. Those who can look after their tyres might get away with a one stop otherwise it looks a certain 2 stop around here.


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i'd expect a 2 stop to work here - the pitlane is short enough and the time loss due to tyre saving is probably quite extreme. Having said that, I've not practiced at all yet :)

Simon Fillingham

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OK, no whining, but I'm done. You guys are having fun, so keep it up.
How come Jack? What are you not getting here that has made you want to quit? The only way to improve is to keep going. I dont know how long youve been sim racing for, but success wont be instant no matter what. it takes hundreds of races to get to the stage where you can be successful (to a degree) and start anticipating situations and how to avoid them and getting the most from your races. it seems a tunnel with no light for a long time, but the more races you complete gives you knowledge that you dont necessarily see or feel until it all start coming together.

ive seen your lap 1 incident. i dont know if you hadnt selected a gear or something, but to remain stationary in your grid box after the lights is asking for trouble. yes, the guy behind should be alert and avoid and he did try, but you are immediately putting yourself in harms way. i seem to remember a similar thing at silverstone in gtr3 where you remained stationary after the lights?

anyhow, my advice,, if you want to get better at sim racing, is to not give up. keep going, keep learning.

if not, good luck doing whatever you do :)

Simon Fillingham

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Driver Champion
as for my race....

had some time to practice for this one. also considered not using VR as ive been having some mini image freezes which im concerned will ruin a race for me in the not too distant future. anyhow, had trouble adapting and these formula cars and the racing is absolutely stunning in VR, so VR it was. :)

felt i had good pace. T1 took me the longest to master. in quali i couldnt get it together. didnt try car with v low fuel during practice and didnt feel i ever got near a good time. although getting close to Martin's time i fear was out of my reach.

so P7 it was. i knew i might find myself in some trouble through lap 1 on this track and indeed i got a nudge at T5 that spun me out. from then i was hoping my 1 stop strategy would bail me out but another hit & spin at T3 later on put paid to any podium hopes.

the race was an enjoyable challenge. the circuit not everyones cup of tea but it had its own charm that we need to appreciate.

Well done #1 on the win and Jim and William for the podium. The gap now down to 1pt at the top :)

David Dhoore

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2 x Driver Champion
My race
As this was in first experience with these fr2 cars i did some practice before the the race and could get an decent pace for the upcoming race,decided to go for one stop as in practice it worked fine . But for the race a lot went wrong ,tried to manage the tires in the first stint so the stint could reach 25 min or more but then i decided to make my stop at 22 min to have a bit of an undercut , at first it worked very well gained 2 positions and was on p7 . But after 35 min i soon saw that i made a mistake and that i wouldnt reach the end of the race with these tires
Did everything i could to manage them but i didnt work puncture with 2 laps to go.... race ruined
First race with these cars was one to forget and as i am not a fan of raceroom open wheelers never thought i would it enjoyed it that much , looking forward to suzuka where i hope my team has a better strategie for me ;)


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Ah, just ignore me Simon, just being a whiny bitch. Today's frustration was totally the fault of R3E. I was surprised on the grid that no one was behind me so I double-checked to confirm right fore the lights came on, and seeing that, thought I'd hold back on rushing into the fray figuring I'd might come out ahead by Turn 3. Right as the lights came on, it seems someone was dropped in at the last second, and naturally, I got punted. The other part was the pit lane penalty, which, damn, since August 8, less than 2 months, I've put like 23,000 km on RaceRoom and hadn't seen that yet. Now I know about it I guess it's not likely to happen again - thinking about it I guess that can only happen as you exit your stall that the rev limiter doesn't hold you're speed as designed. Too bad I think I had a good shot at points today.

I suppose I'll be back for Suzuka, because I can't resist that track. Not that I'll be faster there, though.
As for driving games, I started on, let's see, Test Drive 2 about 1990. Loved that F40 vs. 959 road racing game. I played it mostly on a monochrome laptop. Then a lot of NFS until I hit on DriveClub. I put about 80,000 km on DriveClub and have some #1 spots on the leaderboard still, which I guess tells you nobody fast played that game. :)
And since I put about 5,000 km on GT Sport; 15,000 km on Forza 7 (and unknown on F6); and a few thousand km (isn't that a Megameter?) of frustrating driving in Project Cars. Odd steering effects in that game. But I never raced online with others because it's obviously going to be Wreckfest all over. Anyway, RRLeagues is pretty clean (except for TCR) so maybe I'll adjust out. Can't give up these sims. Anyway, I got another part which I'll start a general thread on this week.

BTW, your memory is good recalling that Silverstone boot. That was frustrating because I felt sure it was physically impossible by a large margin. Growing pains...


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RRL #1 Driver
Great race guys, grats to Jim and William and all the finishers. I think it was a close race, especially the start and first stint. Some corners in parallel to William without contact, always nice when this works fine. Still need to watch the replay though. I was thinking about a 2 stop strategy because in practice degradation seemed to be too high and in race it is usually even higher. But tyres looked good and I decided for a 1 stop. At the end of the stint it seemed that William has more problems on used tyres and I was wondering if this was really the right decision but we already passed the point of no return. At the end of the stints I was struggling not to spin but 1 stop was the right decision. The race felt more exhausting than 95mins GTR3 at Spa. Championship standings are close, happy to be the chasing guy and not the hunted one ;)
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