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Round 5 Circuit Zolder GP discussion (60min Race) | 10/10/18

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Simon Fillingham

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Welcome to the RRL-R3E-S21-GTR3 Round 5 Circuit Zolder GP thread.


60 min Race

Official Practice: 19:00 (60 mins)
Qualifying 1: 20:00 (15 mins)
Race 1: 20:15 (60 mins)


Located in Belgium, this undulating and highly entertaining track has been the scene for high-level motor racing since its opening in 1963. Fast flowing corners and well-implemented chicanes provide ample overtaking opportunities.




ALL drivers are required to be in the PRE RACE BRIEFING voice channel for the Driver Briefing which will commence 15 mins before Qualifying is due to commence. Those that fail to show without prior warning will be given a warning which will also gain 1 penalty point on your Licence.








Below is a list of the registered drivers for the series. If any of the registered drivers CANNOT attend this event they must notify us (by leaving a message in this thread) at the earliest opportunity. Failure to do so could lead to your removal from the series.
  1. @Daniel Badcock
  2. @Simon Fillingham
  3. @Rella
  4. @ToxicTears
  5. @sebevrah87
  6. @Lubomir Nice
  7. @rad
  8. @Pavol Nyiri (pagiki)
  9. @Pavel Hutnik
  10. @FRAJDA Daniel
  11. @David Dhoore
  12. @mory666
  13. @Nemanja
  14. @trutya
  15. @Peki
  16. @Peter Bakus
  17. @Xavi Ortiz
  18. @mr_belowski
  19. @Morten Roslev
  20. @Nicolae Hartup
  21. @uk2008
  22. @Ethan Kearley
  23. @aSab
  24. @Max
  25. @J. Forsberg
  26. @Greg Metcalf
  27. @Oli Bateson
  28. @Stefan
  29. @Tomas Struhar
  30. @Ross Hawkey
  31. @Valentino Rossi
  32. @Alejandro Forero
  33. @Paul Hutson
  1. @Hellcat
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this track will be definitely easier on tyre management, but very hard not to make mistakes.
i think there will be a hard fight for the win and positions, with some mistakes... try to keep it as clean as possible, and not to make mistake like last time here when i hit Nemanja and that gave the win to Jim ;)

Simon Fillingham

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Very difficult to overtake here in evenly matched cars. The slight performance differences of the cars in this class may make it a little easier but yeah, important to keep your composure.

@Paul Hutson what car do you intend to drive tonight? Ford GT or Ford Mustang are your options.


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late drop out for me tonight - some minor family stuff and i've got the kids tonight

Daniel Badcock

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Had a race of 2 very different halves last night...

Q - P11

Race - Made a couple of places up on the first lap and managed to keep Morten at bay, which turned out to be a good thing as Max was stuck behind him and started to catch me as soon as he had got past... Benefitted from a few incidents but my car felt awful after the pit and a slight lapse in concentration saw me in the wall at T1... Car felt like it was on ice for the next two laps and I ended P8

All in all quite happy

Thanks has to go out to the back markets that I passed as I had no issues at all!!


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I didnt do much practice but i was feeling ok with the car. Did fastest time in 1st and 2nd sector i think, but i was way of the pace in last sector, so slow on acceleration.

Race started good, held my position and gap to front. I had good pace. Then in T1 a small tap from Ralf put me into a spin, and from there it all went down the drain. I dont know if it was avoidable but it happens, i should know that ;)

I starter to regain positions and i was patient, didnt want to rush it, but then audi had diferent plan. He was in my right mirror and then in T7 braking zone he dissappeared. I knew something was wrong, and stayed on my line. He rammed the car infront, then i hit the car that was spun.
I felt like i was in the wrong place and time for whole race. Only positive is fight with Peter Pek. Huge respect mate, well done for clean racing!

Some back luck lately, but i hope i can turn the tables.
Looking forward to next race and i hope for higher racing standards.



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An evening to forget. Sorry once again @Nemanja and grats to Robert for the win and to podium. Like this Robert will step on the throne earlier than expected. Quali was good and maximum what I could do. Amazing laptimes by Robert and Pavol. In the race my speed was good actually and the front group was still close together after several laps. Had the feeling Nemanja had some trouble with the car balance and Vlastimil was pushing from behind. I didn't feel comfy in between. In the lap of the incident I had a good run on Nemanja and hoped to have some overlap for T2 but then this mini tap happened in T1 and it was enough to spin Nemanja around. Felt like in slow motion, also waiting for him took forever. The highlight was that I missed him passing me and waited around 10-15 secs longer. Was still watching rear view mirror and time bar that led me into another spin. Concentration was gone. Nevertheless great pace in front. So hard to pass sb on this track in these cars that seem to be so similar. It was an awful evening for Simon as well so I hope we can recover quickly from this evening and have a much better race next time with our "beloved" SLS

Simon Fillingham

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Driver Champion
Not a good evening for Seventy Seven.

Apologies again to @Greg Metcalf for a schoolboy error into 2nd chicane. :(

On the whole, i couldnt find traction out of the hairpin or last chicane and i feel i lost most of my time there.

i was going ok up until about 15 mins, then got distracted with pit strategies and fuel amounts and lost my concentration with big consequences. add to that i double pressed my PSL button and picked up a DT penalty, then it was a poor night.

Grats to Robert, devastating pace.
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