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Round 6 Portimao GP discussion (2 x 25min races) | 07/11/18

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Greetings to all. As the Steward's report has been published, my name has been mentioned more than I would like it to be, and for that I appologise. I shall of course, sadly, serve my race ban, however should there be an opportunity for me to assist in a commentary box for the next race, I would truly like that.

As for the races:

R1 - Q: 21 R: 17
I had a good time by my standards in qualifying, 1:44.8 to start 21st, altough during qualifying I kept making little mistakes that made a majority of my laps invalid. As for the race I had a good start, climbed to 17th and then kept moving up all the way to 11th. I had a few unbelievably fun laps with Pek and Brittain and then my front left just simply started to give away and I started to just go down the standings. I hoped for my first points in the series until the last lap basically when my front left blew, i think, because it was at 0% and the car started shaking :) first time this has happened to me and all that I could muster was a 17th place in the end as I limped home. Quite dissapointed, but most likely a mix of driving style and a set-up (for which I consider my self to be rather inept as yet) contributed to the outcome.

R2 - Q: 21 R: DNF
A disaster is a good way to sum it up. Again qualified in 21st with 1:45.0 and made no progress at the start. Then I made a mistake in T6, no doubt about that, touching a fellow driver and causing him to spin and causing me to ask for a commentary spot in a next race. I then touched with someone on T9, spun out on grass, recovered way down the field and that was it for me as far as race 2 is concerned. I tried to keep my spirits up and stayed on the track, but mistakes kept piling up and the front left started to degrade even faster than in race 1. Perhaps someone could enlighten me as to what in my setup could have helped me with this high level of tire degradation at Portimao? Anyhow, towards the end I struggled to stay on track, let alone race, but I am glad I made a commentator throw a few rhymes, inspired by my attempts to return to the racetrack (2:20is till the end) :oops: In respect to the RRL community and having come to the realisation that me returning on track amid the leaders would have caused a lot of mess, I simply hit the ESC button and watched the rest of the race online.

Fun races, cool to have all these different cars on track, I wish I joined the championship earlier, but I shall be back in round 8 to have another go at points..

Simon Fillingham

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Driver Champion
Dont get too down about the tyre wear, it happens to me too and I'm probably the best driver here :rolleyes:

But really, on x3 tyre wear any imperfections in your driving are going to hurt. I finished on 0% race 1. In race 2 I was more aware of my corner entries and was conscious not to ask too much of tyres and slide my front end in. Focused on braking more in a straight line then turning in to eliminate some slide which helped as I had a little more like left in FL at end of race 2.

Ralf, my teammate, finished with ~25% FL and has suggested I lower my steering lock so I'll see how that goes.
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