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Round 7 Zandvoort GP discussion (60min race) | 21/11/18

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Simon Fillingham

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Recap of Zandy:
  • great turnout for Rd 7 of 8
  • NQ for me so watched Quali on broadcast - great job Miguel. Grats Pavol.
  • Opted for boring strategy in attempt to keep tyre wear at ~5%. It would be safe I thought, it would be secure i thought.
  • Made some positions, also not from overtakes - just others mistakes and quitting.
  • Couple of small spins halted my progress in 1st stint.
  • Pitted to find Dan in my pitbox, which was confusing and cost me a few seconds.
  • Spun out from what could have been an interesting battle with Greg & Max.
  • Spun again which put me under pressure from Morten for rest of race.
  • Hung on for final point.
  • Grats to Robert, a worthy champion of S21.


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Well, this was one of the hardest races i have ever had. My only practice was done 1 hour before the race. I dislike this track so much.
Anyway, i was surprised with Q time, i was that much far behind. P7 in the end.

Start was good, but i was affraid of that Nissan disappearing, and the next moment i saw him behind.
I start losing ground to the guys infront. My pace was so slow, but i tried to keep tyres alive. I was good out of the corners, everything else was terrible. Luckily this track doesnt give you much opportunities to overtake, so i easily kept my position.
After the pit i was way behind, i thought that's it. For the first time ever i thought about quitting, just for a moment though :D
It was so painful.
But as laps went by, i found myself in 3rd place xD And i thought WTF, ok lets try to make the most out of it.
Kept it clean, no mistakes up to one point when i lost it on T3 exit, and i colided with Pavol. Great shame.
When i look back, i could ve played it smarter, and conserve more tyres in middle part, as overtaking was nearly imposible, and i was fast on straights.

P5 in the end, is a good result, with zero practice and snail pace.

Nordschleife will be the ultimate test. Jewel in the crown of this league :)
Soooo looking forward to it.


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a great event it was yesterday :)

Q:2 - i had a decent lap but i didn't expect Pavol is so much faster than me. then in my 2nd run pushed harder even. i was on Pavol's level as i was -0.35 at my PB at S1 but then i made a mistake so P2 in the end.
R:1 - i had good start but no way to overtake on the outside line. i slotted in P2 and was hoping i can keep up with Pavol. surprisingly he couldn't build any gap, even he started to hold me up badly, so Alejandro stayed very close behind. the Bentley was very fast in the straight (i was at wing 2 i guess) and sometimes i had bad exit at last turn so i had to defend sometimes. at the end of the stint we had a touch after S1 timed point, but i guess it was already because of Pavol's puncture. i was able to defend Alej and pass Pavol at the same time. then i pitted right after halftime with Ralf who stayed quite close. i lost some time in pits, like 3-4s as i forgot that ignition doesn't work while pitting, only after it (played too much ACC nowadays :D) fortunately Ralf lost even more time. in 2nd stint my job was just bring it home.

nice event with no mistake and some pressure, that's how i like it :)
congrats to podium!
unbelievably we are in 1st place in teams order. now aiming for the team title :)
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