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Round 8 Nordschleife VLN discussion (95 min race) | 05/12/18

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hello all,

I won't be racing this time. I don't like the track - even though I tried to do some laps, it still isn't fun. Didn't really took the time because of that to practice for it and thus I don't want be a punchbag etc etc.
Maybe in a slower category sometime later, who knows.

Greg Metcalf

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if anyone wants to see how slow the P45 accelerates, give my leaderboard time a challenge and let me stay in front until you get on the VLN section then watch how quick you see me disappear in your mirrors on the straights(flat out curve sections)

Simon Fillingham

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@rob17 i notice you have registered for tonights S21 GTR3 race. which car do you intend on driving as there ar only a few to chose from?

McLaren MP4
Audi R8 LMS Ultra (the old Audi)
McLaren 650S
P4-5 Competizione

Simon Fillingham

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So much to recap about Nords & S21, so I'll keep it brief.

Nords negatives

Just the one, but one I'm miffed.about. Hitting @Morten Roslev , spinning him/us and causing damage to his car which caused him to quit. Sorry man, really. Haven't watched it back but must have been a schoolboy error.

The rest was a marvellous experience of my 1st race here. I've often shied away from including Nords in a series calendar as its quite a commitment to ask ppl (and me) to learn it and that's why we haven't raced here before in a series (GR). But now expect it in every series :D, alongside Macau & Bathurst!

In quali I fueled ~65L for an outlap and 2x hot lap, hoping to set a reasonable time on 1st lap, esc to pits and try 1 more run on 1 lap fuel and fresh tyres. Worked perfectly, and a pb 8:08 on the 2nd run.

Race started ok. Dropped a couple of places but slotted in behind Morten and in front of Seven, snapping at my heels in the P4-5. Then came my incident with Morten.
@Stefan showed me the way for a couple of laps and taught me some new lines and enjoyed the close racing.
Gained a few secs on @ToxicTears & @David Dhoore at my 1st stop (93L) and I was *flying* on my outlap as the gap to DD came down. Ex Muhle - one of my nemesis at Nords halted my charge in an instant. Hard into barriers, heavy damage and 3.5 laps left before I can get back in pits.



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Well, since GTR2 days, Green hell was my passion, since the moment i began learning it and ofcourse when i mastered it. I would just take my SLS for a ride and enjoy it. That feeling just translated to RR. Racing around here brings something that no other track brings.

When i saw Nords announced for this championship i was excited as i knew the racing would be unforgettable and that i have enough speed to fight for top spots.
This race was straight forward. All out racing without any calculations. No tyre saving no fuel saving. I couldnt drop my fuel consumption below 23l/lap so 2 stops were a must.

I cut at coca cola, and had an awesome lap, surely would be better than my pole possition lap. But i got booted, like a few others too.
Managed to put myself back into it. Did another good lap, wasnt perfect but was enough for top spot. Not often have i been able to drive it that hard and not to end in barriers. But something just clicked in me. The car was so stable, pleasure to drive.


Got a good start, and pulled away early from the pack. At that point i knew i had good pace, and that the race was only mine to lose it.
I built a comfortable gap to the group behind. My concenration was skyhigh, 4 laps of almost perfection. The car was great, on fresh tyres and on worn.
Went to pit, fueled 90l and went back at the bussines.

Only to get kicked out of the game at the end of S1.
Dissaster. What more to say. Great shame.

We would've easily won the championship.
Grats to all of you guys for racing constantly at high level, and keeping racing standards so high!!!

Daniel Badcock

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Morning all!

Well, I am still exhausted after last night - I wasn't feeling too good having come down with a cold on Tuesday (sore throat, achy limbs) but I was determined to at least try to race last night! I wasn't expecting to see the chequered flag but it is amazing what a bit of adrenaline can do to you!!

Q - 17 I made a slight error in losing track of time so only joined 2 minutes before the briefing and hadn't completed any laps at Nords since the update last week - I found the Audi much nicer to drive, especially over the kerbs and the TC seemed a bit weird... I usually run anything around 20-25% depending on set up etc. but last night I left it at the factory default of 10% and it just felt planted!!

R - 10 I had a very steady first half of a lap and actually lost 3 places and dropped to 20th but then I started to settle into my rythym and picked off a couple of places before inheriting a few more, finishing the first lap in 13th I think and just behind @Simon Fillingham. I had hoped for a nice battle with Si, but he just edged away and with a couple of small errors from me, I saw him vanish off into the distance. Once again, in the pits I lost so much time but I have no idea why... @Peter Bakus gained about 10 seconds on me! I managed to keep him behind me and settled into my rhythm again. I then caught Simon as if I was in a different class of car, only to realise after the race he had damage. After pitting for a second time I found myself maintaining P9 and got caught by @Rella with 2 laps to go. My car seemed quite slow on the straight (267KPH???) Wing 0 too... What were others getting??

I enjoyed the evening much more than I originally thought... Before I started practicing for this race, I hadn't turned a wheel in anger at Nords so I had a lot of work to do. Finishing at all is an achievement so I am chuffed with 10th and hope it has meant I keep my place in the top 10 in the championship standings!

Congrats to the podium and especially @Alejandro Forero for the win - you have had an awesome week with 2 wins and a 2nd place... Watch out Ralf!! Congrats also to all that finished, that was tough and the attrition rate was high!

Thank you all for a brilliant season of racing, with good driving standards and battles throughout the field!

Last word is for @Skenys... your coverage of this championship has been second to none and your commentary and passion for it has been an asset to RRLeagues - thanks a lot!!

See you on track soon :)



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What a hell? Ah Green Hell!

I trained lightly, but the main thing was to set the car to turn well. Yes, I did that. But just for fresh tires. The first lap is ok and another 3 total hell. The car is horrible in turning, it does not hold onto the road at all. When I tried this track on our server, I was doing very well. I think I had a little different weather. On the RRL server it was bad for me.

Q: First lap - cut xD. The second lap with a time of 8:08 and that was not bad for me. Simon was right behind me about 0.120s. Unlucky for 8 minutes for one lap. I had one more chance. Pedal to the ground and I drive. First sector faster by 3 seconds. The second sector is faster by 4 seconds. Finish? Slower by 0.090s: D

R: Start was very careful. Nothing serious happened and I just waited for what was going to happen. The classic nurburgring passed through. Now green hell! There was nothing to see, cars stuck to each other. I dont seen any braking points. Do not make a mistake, dude. I thought to myself. A group of courageous drivers was ahead of me. Lightly I lost the front riders, and after a couple of small mistakes on behind me stuck Dhoore. He tried to overtake me, but he could not. He was faster in turns. But he was not fast enough to overtake me. He tried it on the long straight. But Godzilla laughed at his face. Sorry David. Still held me. But David make a little mistake behind tilted turn with concrete panels. Since then I have been alone. 30 seconds ahead and 30 seconds behind me, and in this style i finish this race. Thanks all for driving in green hell. We manage it!


so close yet soo far!

practice before session managed to hit a 8.18 on leaderboard which I was verry happy with and thanks to Daniel for sharing the learn nords in 1h video if helped on the bits that I was hazy with!!

practice : why can't I get close to leaderboard time,!!!

q: back of feild.
I was just getting into my first lap when my Internet decided to die I spent the next few. mins frantically restarting pc and watching the router downstairs to get net.
managed. to get a lap in which was ok but in the 8.29's

got an OK start. clipped the side of Carmen in the porche waited up but after 10 or so seconds of non movement. I started driving again. (found out after race he had to. answer. door and was 30 sec before he for going again) fairly consistent laps I made and was pushing through the feild. made a few errors / the car acted weird under brakes and I got areo damage like 3 times and for some. reason on nords seemed much worse with areo. was doing 4 lap stints and before the last stop was upto 14th so was hoping for a strong finish but a few corners in hit a wall and for. areo again with 14th and 15th ending up 40 + seconds ahead by end of race disapointed but glad I finished and god that took. some. concentration

Peter Bakus

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What a race it was yesterday, I knew my race will be dissaster as I didn't have time to practice and my target was survive the race and finish on the points.
I've had twice disconnections from the server and I was worried for the race which started well and I managed to gain in first lap 4 position but it came my mistake on the curb I lost rear and spin and damaged the car.First moment I wanted to put the car to garage but then I decided to continue as it was just first lap.I seen Nemanja on first position and that motivated me to push and score some points for the championship.Robert was struggling little bit and Pavel was behind me so all was going our way but then I seen on screen Nemanja left the server I said myself that's over to win championship...and I wanted to press the ESC button, I didn't as there was 55min still to go and there was still some fun in the track.Finished the race as 11'th.Well done to Forero and guys on the podium and all who finished the race!
I'd like to thanks to organisers,Miguel for commentatory and all racers for such a nice series!!!
I'll see you soon the track



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Great final of an exciting championship. Enjoyed the races a lot although my results weren't that good as I wanted. Nordschleife is said to be one of the greatest tracks if not the greatest of all. For me it was always a struggle and I never took the time to learn it properly. The LB times in the 7:50s made me expect the worst. So it was a surprise to qualify on P4 and also to be able to follow Max and Robert. Being chased by a pushing McLaren in free air was a totally different story but I managed to keep P2 until the 1st stop. What a bad luck for Nemanja to drop off the server in the lead at Nords. In 2nd stint I even was leading but the Bentley in the rear view mirror was becoming bigger until he was right at my rear. Didn't know what to expect and watched the mirror too often and lost my SLS after a bit of understeer on the curb...shame on me :cool: The crash was quite slow into the barrier but my aero was fully broken and I had to carry my car into the pits to get it repaired. From there on I took the rest of the race as chance to learn the tack and discovered new lines or how to drive some corners better. Still a lot to learn and I couldn't do Ex-Mühle right until the end. Grats to Alejandro for the win, to podium and everybody who raced Nords. It's hell but the struggle started to convert into fun in the 2nd half.
~269 here before it goes downhill. I think the long gear ratio of the SLS also helped at Kesselchen where I stayed in 5th.
But now expect it in every series :D, alongside Macau & Bathurst!
From my side I don't need the 2nd one but maybe some time in the future I even start to enjoy that one ;)

P.S.: Just realized that Nords was already race #100 at RRL
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David Dhoore

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My race

I wasnt good prepared for the green hell and then you know you wil have a difficult night
Quali went better than expected and managed to do a 8.08 , seconde lap was even faster but made a mistake and my lap was invalidated
First stint went well stayed out of trouble and after a mistake from Peter found Vlastimil on my way,with somewhat worn tires my car was better then Vlastimils but so difficult to overtake on nords without the risk to crash and take your opponent out so waited for the straights,well the Audi dissapoints on the straights ,godzilla is a beast :)
After the pitstop Vlastimil unleashed the beast and i was getting behind ,pushed to hard to follow Vlast and then it happened on the carrousel lost the rear and into the barriers. Engine damage and lost the front splitter race over
As it was my first time on nords i enjoyed it very much ,grats to Robert for the title and to all drivers who participated in this serie
See you all next season :)
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