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Round 8 Nordschleife VLN discussion (95 min race) | 05/12/18

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J. Forsberg

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Q | P8 - Quali didnt went especially well. Was looking for something under 8:10 but I forgot to save my setup, tried to reproduce it but I missed something as the car was a bit too nervous and harder to keep it on place.

R | P6 - What a race. Start was amongst the cleanest I've seen, cant tell for the 27 drivers, but around me everyone was clean and respectful. And fast, crazy fast.

Eitherway I found myself in P6 after overtaking Alejandro in the GP track which actually didnt want to happen, I knew he had a faster pace, as well as Radek, who also lost some spots through the 3 first corners.
Didnt want to defend aggressively (no point in such a long race), but it is very hard to overtake at Nords unless mistakes happen. Held them for a lap until Alejandro make his move at the very end of Kottenborn "straight", claiming inside line and completing his overtake at Aremberg.
Then was time for Radek to do the same as he was also faster than me. He spent 1 more lap glued to my rear trying moves every now and then. Unfortunately (for me) he clipped me at Klostertal turn in and I couldnt save the car at that speed, going offtrack. Lost some places and realised I was kinda tired from those laps with Alejandro and Radek pushing me tirelessly. As Max and Robert took advantage of my offtrack I, then, found myself behind Radek, Max and Robert till the end of the 1st stint.

At that point I just take it easier and didnt want to get mad about gap to the guys up front, I thought to myself "Everyone with a faster pace is already ahead", gap to guys behind was already big so "Just drove it to the pits, easy, easy". At that point was 3 secs behind Robert, so tried to relax and take the sweat off of my face during the stop. But the green hell wasnt done with me.. by a long shot in fact.
I exited the pits with Robert right behind me (no clue what happened) and he didnt had much faster pace than me, so in the end and to my surprise, I was being able to keep him behind. One lap and a half later, we found Ralf who had aero damage and we could pass him, me at Klostertal while Robert did so right before the carroussel. So that was it, surfing with the alien at Nords :D

We spent 3 laps of the 2nd stint like that, till Rob passed me at Dottinger Hohe. I was very uncomfortable with the car on worn tyres, couldnt made a single lap without some mistakes here and there. And yeah.. was beginning to be uttered tired of defending, in a literal meaning.

Last pitstop, Robert 4.5 secs ahead. Towel, water, deep breathing and even stretched a bit during that pitstop. This time we exit with almost the same gap we had when we entered the pits, but then Robert collected a DT for speeding in the pits lane. "This is crazy" I thought. I expected Rob to put an stratospheric laptime following that penalty, so decided to keep it as tidy as possible and let things happen. Next lap Rob performed his DT losing his position and setting a gap of around 16 secs between us. And 3 looong laps still to go..

3 to go, 2 to go and then.. the final lap. Roberts gap stayed about the same. And then.. it happened, got somehow too wide while approaching Nordkhere, and a kerb sent me offtrack towards the barriers. Now Robert was again on my tail.
We both reach Dottinger Hohe with the same gap so I knew P5 was for him. To relieve myself I thought that in the end Robert deserved it more than me, he had to perform a DT, and I made a huge mistake making me lose 15 seconds with one lap to go. So let be it.

Unfortunately I misjudged slipstream when approaching final breaking point, and my car slided a bit too much planting 2 wheels on the grass.. I got insta white (my apologizes @trutya ),shame on me. Happily I didnt ruin Roberts end and we both were able to cross the line in 5th and 6th after a crazy, mental, and (as usual) never disappointing race at Nords.

Wanted to say how sorry I felt about Nemanja's disco, as he was absolutely dominating the race. Hats off buddy.

Also want to thank everyone who made this series possible (drivers, staff, etc..) and of course to @Skenys for his commentary and dedication.

Here my final lap retarded mistake that closed the gap to Robert for another stressful lap

TL;DR - Nice race, thanks, see you on the next one ^^


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fhuh, what an intense event yesterday!

i tried to do some practice but my usual setup was not very good here i guess. my car is not very fast in the straights, in Döttingerhöhe i just barely reached 269-270km/h because of that very long 6th gear. my car seemed to be also not very good in fast corners, only in slow ones i could gain but there isn't a lot of them at the Nords.
at least i re-knew the track again (i don't use to drive here just for fun...), but still found some new lines and exits in my final laps. concentrated on the balance of the car which looked okay on worn tyres too.

i did too laps, 1st one was decent, 2nd even better, i was already 0.8s up to my previous time but then messed up the tricky part in sector 3 (i had some grass moment) so improved only 0.4, maybe pole could have been doable, but it was incredibly close in front, really good to see that :)

my start was god, got up to P2 but then i didn't expect Max to attack in the shortcut... tried to defend but no success. too bad as the Alpina was so fast in the straights.
i followed Max close, he looked to struggle with front grip already in lap 2. he took really long brake distances which confused me in the slow right-hander before S2 ending, and unfortunately i hit him... very sorry about it :( we both lost 4 positions, and a lot of time. tried to gain it back, but my pace was not amongst the quickest and i made some small mistakes that costed some little time too. i was able to get ahead of Jazz before the first pit stop, due to his mistake.
i felt really sorry for Nemanja because of his game crash, he had a very good pace and all chance to win this race. i know the feeling, it's very hard...
then i made a wrong strategy call: i was hesitating to put less or more fuel onboard. i decided to fill up the tank fully, but Jazz had a shorter pit stop and he got back ahead of me. and i think this costed for me to be able to fight for the podium spots, i lost quite a lot of time behind him. i managed to pass him in lap 7, opened up the gap untli like 5-6s until our second stop but not really closed to the leaders.
my 2nd stop was not bad, i gained a little time because i needed less fuell to refill this time. i was like 8-9s behind the leader, but i got a drive through i still don't understand. my entrance was completely safe i remember. my tip is that i released the limiter a very little earlier than the line is (unlikely, but possible) or i remember Reinhard got DT because he pushed full throttle with the limiter on and the speed was over 60km/h for moments. maybe that happened to me too as i pushed the throttle hard for some seconds :D
anyway, i served my penalty and got behind Jazz again. i didn't expect more than P6 but he made a mistake in last lap, so i was right behind him again. must say i was really surprised :)
i was able to stay close and same scenario than in 2nd stint, a tight pass in Döttingerhöhe, but this time he messed up his braking a little bit (or he couldn't see the corner, very likely) and we crashed. too bad but didn't cound so much as we were far behind podium spots.

too bad for that penalty, maybe i would have been able to challenge Radek or Max. Pavol and Alejandro were faster this time.
congrats to winner and podium, this has been a great series.
now up to the winter series which look really interesting :)
thanks to Admins, stewards for organizing, and to Miguel for great commentary. i re-watched the race and it was really great! :)
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How many racers had disconnect issues at Nords? I've been fighting this since the update. For some reason made it through Nords, but have been booted back to Multiplayer screen multiple times in other events. Uninstalled and reinstalled RR3E 2 times and messed with Vid drivers to no avail. Just want to make sure it's not just me.


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I know that there were a few people that got disco in Q, but i know some that got disco also in the race. Is there any cure for this plague? Why does it happen?


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What a race!
I'm on a business trip today and I still am a bit tired from yesterdays marathon. Now I had some time at the hotel to watch yesterdays stream and it is amazing. I knew how the race would end, but it still felt like thriller. Thanks Miguel! Great job!!
I really had to work for this 3rd place. The track itself is a big challange, but racing in a group of several cars bumper to bumper where you cannot see any turn in points and breaking marks for over 100 minutes with a previous 30 minutes qualifying is really tough.
I was very happy during the race to have practiced quite a lot on this track with the Alpina, especially racing close to each other with my teammate Stefan. But as if that all was not hard enough, there was Radek with his McLaren cornering machine buging me from behind all the race :-D
Thanks for that great fun here at RRL guys!!


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Not sure yet, I've brought it to the attention of JF at Sector 3, was just trying to get a feel for how many it might be affecting?

J. Forsberg

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I know that there were a few people that got disco in Q, but i know some that got disco also in the race. Is there any cure for this plague? Why does it happen?
Most likely it is because the size of the track plus the cars. Idk however, if its because server stress, user end memory/cpu, ping/unstable connection or a mix of them.

I personally didnt noticed anything on my end, except some cars flickering now and then (have seen worse in other races like when we forgot to shut down rF2 servers).
Also noticed my replay is weird. Alejandro, for instance, lost a wheel before overtaking me and was driving without issues on 3 wheels.
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