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Simon Fillingham

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Driver Champion
Hey I want to register for this series, and want to drive the Bentley, do I just register myself with the Bentley and a livery that isn't the #84?
Simply register for the series Alejandro, there is no option to select a car at registration. Once you have registered, let me know on here what livery # you want and I'll make the necessary adjustments. :)


Allo, am I all ready to go and partake in the next race at Portimao? Am I shookdown and registered adequately? This is addressed to the admins/organisers obviously :)


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i'm retty sure ther won't be 36 cars on the grid, not even 26, so you'll have some cars to select from ;)
the hard thing is, you should have setup for most of them... :)
(just ask if you need any help regarding to setups)
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