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  1. Find a teammate
  2. Test some cars to find out which are the best fit for your team and the championship
  3. When registration opens (26/07/18), submit your entry including a teammate.
  4. Once registered, car selections must be submitted via 'S21 GTR3 Car Picks' in User Menu on the website.
  5. Wait for the car draft to be produced to see which car you have been successful in securing for the series.
  6. If you are an independent driver, or a team wishing to make a late entry, once the draft has been produced you will be able to register for the series and select any of the remaining cars.
  7. Honour your commitment, turn up and RACE!

Can I register for this series even though I may only compete in a few races?
If you are unable to commit to the majority of races, we would kindly ask you not to register until after the draft has been produced. If you form a team and take a desirable car and rarely race with it, we feel it would be unfair to those who are committed and could have been assigned that car.

I noticed there are 17 cars available for this series. With 1 team for each car that makes 34 drivers, but the series capacity is 36. Where do the other 2 cars come from?
When we have our final list of team entries we shall start assigning cars to teams, beginning with the lowest ranked team. The 1st team to have a car choice that has already been taken will have their car choice honoured. This means there will be 2 teams of one car on the grid, making the capacity of 36.

Car selection - what do I need to do?
Each car has its own characteristics and it is up to you to decide which one suits your team best. It is highly likely that you will not be the only team who has eyes on a particular car, so depending on your team ranking you may well need to submit a number of cars for selection. At time of series registration, you only have to enter yourself and your teammate. After registration, you will have access to 'S21 GTR3 Car Picks' in your User Menu on the website. You must submit your car picks here by 04/08/18 at 19:00 BST. Keep an eye on the Draft Order to have an idea of how many car picks you will need to submit. (if it looks like you will be near the top of the list you may only need to submit 2, 3 or 4 selections. if near the bottom of the list you may have to submit 10 to 15+ car picks.)

How are cars assigned?
Cars will be assigned to teams according to their drivers' joint ranking average. The lowest ranked team will be first on the list and receive their 1st car choice. The highest ranked team will be at the bottom of the list, so depending on how many team entries we have received at the time we produce the draft (05/08/18 or sooner if we receive 18 team entries), they may well have to submit a long list of car choices to be assigned a car that no other team has chosen. Of course, it may be wise for higher ranked teams to omit some popular cars from their list as they will have likely been taken by a lower ranked team.

I don't have a ranking at RRLeagues, can I still enter the series?
To be eligible for an average ranking rating for this series you must have taken part in a minimum of 3 'Get Real' races at RRLeagues. If you do not fulfil this requirement you may still enter the series but you will receive an average ranking rating of 10.

Do I have to use liveries as shown in the Buyers Guide?
The Buyers Guide is just to show you which cars are available for this series. You may pick any livery of your choice of car (which you chose when submitting car picks), all we ask is that teammates drive different liveries.

Who should I choose as a teammate?
A teams ranking will be made up from a combined average ranking of its two members. Remember, lower ranked teams will have 1st choice of car BUT those with a lower ranking perhaps aren't as fast as those with a higher ranking. This is something drivers need to decide as to what gives them the best chance of success in the series.

What are the best cars in the GTR3 pack?
A recent update to the GTR3 pack has resulted in the cars being well balanced, with a Sector3 developer saying they are very pleased with the overall BoP of the class. Of course, many want to drive new content but many aren't going to be able to do so. Every car has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages which is down to the drivers to identify.

I don't have a teammate. Can I still enter as an individual?
Individual registration will open on 05/08/18. However, if all 36 slots have been taken by team entries then there will be no available slots for individuals to join. This is why we encourage everybody to find a teammate and enter as soon as team registration opens on 26/07/18.

I've missed out on being part of the starting 36, can I register as a reserve?
You may still register after we have received 36 entrants, but you will be placed on the waiting list. These 'reserves' will only be invited to race if we have a permanent withdrawal from the series making it especially important for drivers to register early and to only register if you are committed to the majority of races.

My teammate has got in the starting 36, but I was too slow and missed out. What happens now?
A driver that hasn't made the starting 36 but who's teammate has, will still get an opportunity to join the starting 36 via the following process..
Whoever signed up earliest of any 'single' drivers (in the original starting 36) will be granted 24 hours (from the time registration is full) for their teammate to register. If they (their teammate) do register within 24 hours they will take the place of the single driver who registered the latest. If they (their teammate) don't register within 24 hours then the 'single' driver will be removed and the next earliest single driver to register will be asked to invite their teammate to register within 24 hours. And so on until a team is formed.
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