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Simon Fillingham

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Firstly, thank you to everyone who took time and effort to design a banner inour competition we ran from August to October.

The response was a little thin to this competition but it must be said that creating a banner takes a lot of patience, effort & creativity to achieve something you can be happy with so again, thank you to the 5 people that submitted designs.

1) @RCConor


2) @Ethan Kearley


3) @Simon Fillingham


4) Miguel Santiago Carou @Skenys


5) @J. Forsberg


6) @J. Forsberg


We must apologise for not getting the banner in place in October as we originally stated, but there was lots of deliberation and procrastinating about which banner to use. This soon led into December where our focus turned to rounding up Almighty Autumn '18 and launching Chills n' Thrills '19. As the New Year came we realised we had to make good our intention and get the winning banner in situ.

So, the entry that will be the new banner for RRLeagues is that of...

Miguel Santiago-Carou & Jazz Forsberg!

We liked entries 4, 5 & 6 that much that we couldn't choose an outright winner so we have decided to give each banner a period of time as RRL's official banner!

Thanks once again to the 5 entrants for their time.

The RRL staff.
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