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Summer Enduro Rd1 | GTR3 @ Nurburgring GP | 15-06-19

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The first race of the 2019 summer series from RaceClub will be a 2hr race at the Nurburgring Grand Prix circuit in GT3 cars. These machines are some of the finest GT cars in the world and we will take them to one of the most iconic racing tracks in the world!


Time: (BST)
Practice: 19:00 (60 mins)
Briefing: 19:45 (5-10mins)
Quali: 20:00 (30 mins)
Race: 20:30 (120mins)

Cars: GTR3 (http://game.raceroom.com/store/cars/gtr-3)
Track: Nurburgring GP (http://game.raceroom.com/store/tracks/all/nurburgring)

Server Name: RRLeagues.com - RaceClub
Password: TBD on racenight

Flags - Visual only
Cut Rule - Drive Through
Mechanical Damage - On
Visual Damage - On
Mandatory Pitstop - Off
Wrecker Prevention - Off
Fixed Setups - Off
Qualifying - Standing start
Race - Standing Start
Tyres - x1
Fuel - x1
Non-Ready Pitlane Start Delay - 20 secs
Allow Players Join In Qualifying - Yes

Server Driver Assist Settings

Driver Assist Transmission - Free Choice
Driver Assist Steer - Forced Off
Driver Assist Traction Control - Forced Factory Default
Driver Assist Autopit - Forced Off
Driver Assist ESP - Forced Off
Driver Assist Brake - Forced Factory ABS
Driver Assist Raceline - Forced Off

  1. Arran May (@uk2008)
  2. Clive Brittain (@Cleeve)
  3. Petr Peki @Peki
  4. Vlastimil Lukas (@ToxicTears)
  5. @Ben Reynolds
  6. @J. Forsberg

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