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Summer Enduro Rd2 | GpC & Gp4 @ Salzburgring GP | 29-06-19

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Ethan Kearley

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In our 2nd enduro of the summer, we will be heading to the mountains to the beautiful Salzburgring in some amazing classic cars. These 2 classes are some of R3E's newest and are the incredible Group C prototypes and the Group 4 Porsche. The race will be 2hrs long and will see a couple of pitstops for both classes and lots of overtakes as lapping will play a significant part in the race!

Raceclub 29-6-19.png


When you sign up please indicate which class you will be driving in as there only 10 slots in GpC and 26 in Gp4.

Time: (BST)
Practice: 19:00 (60 mins)
Briefing: 19:45 (5-10mins)
Quali: 20:00 (30 mins)
Race: 20:30 (120mins)

Cars: Group C (http://game.raceroom.com/store/cars/group-c) and Group 4 (http://game.raceroom.com/store/cars/group-4)
Track: Salzburgring GP (http://game.raceroom.com/store/tracks/all/salzburgring)

Server Name: RRLeagues.com - RaceClub
Password: TBD on racenight

Flags - Visual only
Cut Rule - Drive Through
Mechanical Damage - On
Visual Damage - On
Mandatory Pitstop - Off
Wrecker Prevention - Off
Fixed Setups - Off
Qualifying - Standing start
Race - Standing Start
Tyres - x1
Fuel - x1
Non-Ready Pitlane Start Delay - 20 secs
Allow Players Join In Qualifying - Yes

Server Driver Assist Settings

Driver Assist Transmission - Free Choice
Driver Assist Steer - Forced Off
Driver Assist Traction Control - Forced Factory Default
Driver Assist Autopit - Forced Off
Driver Assist ESP - Forced Off
Driver Assist Brake - Forced Factory ABS
Driver Assist Raceline - Forced Off

Group C
  1. @Ethan Kearley
  2. Arran May (@uk2008)
  3. @Valentino Rossi
  4. Peter Hindle (@Snapper1960)
  5. Clive Brittain (@Cleeve)

Group 4
  1. @Ben Reynolds

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