RRLeagues GT3 Masters VIII

June update

The most anticipated championship of the RRL calendar lies in wait with the 8th edition of The Masters poised to ambush the world of virtual motorsport come late summer. Behind the scenes, preparations are on-going to invigorate sim-racers with this high profile, all encompassing event that is everything you expect of a flagship series.

With this, we are thrilled to announce a hot-off-the-press development where we can now confirm SIM-LAB.eu as the title sponsor of GT3 Masters VIII. A leading manufacturer of high-quality sim-racing-related hardware in partnership with a professional community delivering highly polished events, confirms GT3 Masters VIII driven by Sim-Lab.eu will be the sought after series of 2024!

Furthermore, we can clarify that ACC will be the sim of choice for the 5th consecutive Masters at RRL, albeit this time with the implementation of a custom bop, used with the intention of encouraging a wider manufacturer representation on our grids and, of course, closing the gap between the machinery on track.

A punishing calendar, which looks set to remain at 8 rounds, will again provide significant challenges on some of the planets most iconic tarmac - what we call 'The Holy Trinity' of Spa-Francorchamps, Bathurst & Suzuka - whilst we continue track rotations to offer variation and new challenges to drivers at remaining rounds.

Livery Launch Week will provide opportunity for teams to showcase their summer projects to the community and global audience as paparazzi clamber amidst an ocean of tuxedos, ball gowns and champagne at our glamorous pre-season gala to be the first to capture images of the Masters magic.

If that's not enough, it gives us immense pleasure to announce that Miguel Santiago-Carou will be retaking his seat in the booth to once again capture and narrate the sights and sounds as the series unfolds over the course of 8 captivating races.

I think you can agree, GT3 Masters VIII driven by Sim-Lab.eu is shaping up to be one of the best yet! The final piece of the puzzle will be you, the drivers - ready to commit to the whole series and fully embrace the noise of the Masters circus.

Be ready!

RRLeagues GT3 Masters VIII
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