Driver Briefing - Round 1


GT3 Masters VII
Round 1 • Valencia

This is an overview of the driver briefing in text format. All drivers must be in the pre-race briefing voice channel by 15 minutes before the Qualifying session is due to commence.


The 'circuit within a stadium' at Cheste, near Valencia, is a modern marvel; a theatre where racing battles are fought out in clear view of every grandstand seat. Most famous as a MotoGP and World Superbike venue, the circuit has hosted GP2, DTM, WTCC and World Series by Renault events and is a popular Formula One winter testing venue.

Server Settings

  • Full formation lap with widget control
    • Tyre set limit: 50


      • Track temp: ~35c
        • Forecast: Hot & dry with occasional clouds

          Session Info

          • Official practice: 19:00 | Sat 13:00 (15m) °
            • Qualifying: 19:15 | Sat. 14:00 (20m)
              • Garage time: 3m
                • Race: 19:35 | Sun. 14:00 (90m)

                  Race Requirements

                  No tyre/fuel/pitstop requirements

                  UK time  |  In-game time
                  ° Please do your utmost to be on the server before the commencement of the qualifying session.

                  TRACK SPECIFICS

                  Pit exit: Drivers exiting the pit lane must keep 4 wheels within the exit lane that runs around the outside of T1. Drivers on track must be ready to leave room at T1 exit for cars leaving the pit lane.


                  No outstanding penalties

                  STEWARDS ADVICE

                  Red Flag: No

                  Calm heads are required. The opening round of The Masters and tensions will be high. Opening corners are quite manageable so focus needs to be on navigating these cleanly and not pulling risky moves that will cause incidents for others.

                  Unfairly gained positions do not have to be returned; failure to do so will likely result in a harsher consequence if found guilty by the stewards.

                  Respect 1st, Winning 2nd!

                  Good luck to all drivers. Any question? Please do ask in the series chat channel on Discord.

                  RRL staff.