Driver Briefing - Round 3


GT3 Masters VII
Round 3 • Monza [Sprint Race Weekend]

This is an overview of the driver briefing in text format. All drivers must be in the pre-race briefing voice channel by 15 minutes before the Qualifying session is due to commence.


Autodromo Nazionale Monza, La Pista Magica, The Temple of Speed. All names for one of motorsports most legendary circuits. The track has long straights, crafty chicanes, lots of overtaking opportunities and, above all, lots of speed. The length of the circuit is 5.8 km long with drivers on full throttle for no less than three-quarters of the lap! The rest consists of chicanes that require heavy braking and, of course, the world-famous Parabolica corner.

Event info

This is a Sprint Race Weekend event consisting of a Qualifying and Race session on both Saturday & Sunday (in-game).

RRL Lap Record

No lap record available.

Server Settings

  • Full formation lap with widget control
    • Tyre set limit: 50


      • Average ambient temp: 14° Celcius
        • Forecast: Forecast gives a high chance of rain

          Sprint race

          • Official practice: 19:00 | Sat 9:00 (15m) °
            • Qualifying: 19:15 | Sat. 10:00 (15m)
              • Garage time: 3m
                • Race: 19:30 | Sat. 11:00 (30m)

                  Feature race

                  • Official practice: none
                    • Qualifying: 20:00 | Sun. 18:00 (15m)
                      • Garage time: 3m
                        • Race: 20:15 | Sun. 19:00 (60m)

                          Race Requirements

                          Mandatory pit stop requirements: none

                          UK time  |  In-game time
                          ° Please do your utmost to be on the server before the start of the qualifying session.

                          TRACK SPECIFICS

                          Pit exit: Drivers exiting the pit lane must keep to the right of the white line.

                          OUTSTANDING PENALTIES

                          No outstanding penalties

                          STEWARDS ADVICE

                          Red Flag: No

                          Drivers should display extreme caution and resist aggressive moves at the opening chicane. This is a time for preservation not for opportunistic lunges that will compromise your, and others, race. Do not fall into the trap of believing that surviving Turn 1 is the end of the opening lap danger.

                          A reminder that Lap 1 penalties are increased for repeat offenders, with a NQ penalty awaiting after 3 incidents.

                          Respect 1st, Winning 2nd!

                          Good luck to all drivers. Any question? Please do ask in the series chat channel on Discord.

                          RRL staff.