Driver Briefing - Round 4


GT3 Masters VII
Round 4 • Mount Panorama

This is an overview of the driver briefing in text format. All drivers must be in the pre-race briefing voice channel by 15 minutes before the Qualifying session is due to commence.


Mount Panorama, located in Bathurst, Australia, is an iconic racing circuit renowned for its challenging layout and breathtaking scenery. The 6.2-kilometre track combines public roads with steep climbs and descents, demanding skill and precision from drivers. Home to the prestigious Bathurst 1000, one of Australia's most celebrated motor racing events, Mount Panorama has a rich history. It holds a special place in the hearts of motorsport enthusiasts worldwide.

RRL Lap Record

Amedeo Dekeyser: 2:01.542

Server Settings

  • Full formation lap with widget control
    • Tyre set limit: 50


      • Average ambient temp: 30° Celcius
        • Forecast: Hot

          Sprint race

          • Official practice: 19:00 | Sat 18:00 (15m) °
            • Qualifying: 19:15 | Sat. 19:00 (15m)
              • Garage time: 3m
                • Race: 19:35 | Sun. 13:00 (120m)

                  Race Requirements

                  Mandatory pit stop requirements: 2x [fuel]

                  UK time  |  In-game time
                  ° Please do your utmost to be on the server before the start of the qualifying session.

                  TRACK SPECIFICS

                  Pit exit: Drivers exiting the pit lane must take into account faster cars coming through on the outside line.

                  Blue Flag: Executing a blue flag overtake through Sector 2 is fraught with danger and requires understanding & cooperation from both drivers. Drivers shown the blue flag in S2 should only facilitate an overtake if they are confident enough to do so without causing an incident and should not slow on the racing line or leave the track to do so.

                  Drivers approaching a slower (lapped) car should not force the overtake and be prepared to wait until Conrod straight if there is no assistance from the backmarker.


                  Hallam Voice - No Qualifying (do not leave pit box)

                  STEWARDS ADVICE

                  Red Flag: No

                  If you can’t make the judgement call, 120 metres into a 120-minute race, to just be a little bit sensible, don’t start the race.’

                  Opening lap discipline has been relatively good so far in this series, don’t let the concentration levels waiver here. A narrow track that only has 1 racing line through S2 demands your respect for the track and your fellow competitors.

                  A reminder that Lap 1 penalties are increased for repeat offenders, with a NQ penalty awaiting after 3 incidents.

                  Respect 1st, Winning 2nd!

                  Good luck to all drivers. Any question? Please do ask in the series chat channel on Discord.

                  RRL staff.