Driver Briefing - Round 6


GT3 Masters VII
Round 6 • Spa-Francorchamps [Endurance Race]

This is an overview of the driver briefing in text format. All drivers must be in the pre-race briefing voice channel by 15 minutes before the Qualifying session is due to commence.


Spa-Francorchamps, nestled in the Ardennes Forest of Belgium, is a legendary motor racing circuit renowned for its challenging and picturesque layout. Hosting the Formula One Belgian Grand Prix and other prestigious events, the track's undulating terrain and iconic corners, such as Eau Rouge and Raidillon, provide a thrilling test for drivers. With a rich history dating back to 1921, Spa-Francorchamps stands as a beloved and iconic venue in the world of motorsports.

RRL Lap Record

Bram Depraitere: 2:17.905

Server Settings

  • Full formation lap with widget control
    • Tyre set limit: 50


      • Average ambient temp: 20° Celcius
        • Forecast: Risk of rain

          Session Info

          • Official practice: 18:30 | Sun. 18:00 (15m) °
            • Qualifying: 18:45 | Sun. 19:00 (20m)
              • Garage time: 5m
                • Race: 19:05 | Sun. 19:00 (144m)

                  Race Requirements

                  Mandatory pit stop requirements: 2 [Fuel]

                  UK time  |  In-game time
                  ° Please do your utmost to be on the server before the start of the qualifying session.

                  TRACK SPECIFICS

                  Pit exit: Drivers must keep 4 wheels within the pit exit line when leaving the pit lane. Advice is to keep right when rejoining the track if cars are exiting Raidillon.


                  Nemanja Manojlovic - Caution! 1 penalty point away from race ban for exceeding max penalty points on licence.

                  STEWARDS ADVICE

                  Red Flag: No

                  Don’t get greedy on the opening lap, especially through the 1st pass of Raidillon. This is a 2.4h race remember so we urge drivers to air on the side of caution for the opening 5 mins so to preserve your, and that of others, race. If it is wet when we go green please be aware of potential danger areas where standing water presents extra hazards.

                  This is a reminder that Lap 1 penalty points are multiplied for repeat offenders, with a NQ penalty awaiting after 3 incidents.

                  Respect 1st, Winning 2nd!

                  Good luck to all drivers. Any question? Please do ask in the series chat channel on Discord.

                  RRL staff.