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RaceClub | ACC | 3hrs of Nurburgring | Sunday 27th September 2020

Added to Calendar: 27/09/20

Jak Camoletto

Staff member
Events Coordinator
ACC N3H_720p.png

This September, RRLeagues' monthly RaceClub event will put us back in Assetto Corsa Competizione and take us to Nurburg in Germany for a 3 hour GT3 race around the famous Nurburgring Grand Prix circuit. As this is a solo event, no teams nor driver swaps will be involved.

Qualifying will take place the day before race day on Saturday the 26th of September with a 1 hour qualifying session. Competitors are free to complete as many laps as they wish, with the single fastest valid lap completed being taken and used to assemble the starting grid for the race the following day.

Race day is on Sunday 27th September. Outright pace will not be the sole factor in class success here. Strategy, consistency, attention and negotiating traffic will all play vital roles in seeing the checkered flag unscathed, and potentially rewarding you with the sweet taste of Champagne.

Race Date: Sunday 27th September 2020
Practice | 18:00 BST (60 minutes) | In-game 14h; x1 multiplier; Sunday
Race | 19:00 BST (180 minutes) | In-game 15h; x1 multiplier; Sunday

Qualifying Date: Saturday 26th September 2020
GT3 | 20:00 BST (60 minutes) | In-game 12h; x1 multiplier; Saturday
Note: For qualifying times to be successfully recorded you must remain in the server until the session has ended.

Server Name: RRLeagues.com | 3hrs of Nurburgring Qualifying / Race Day
Password: Navigate to 'What's Up?' in the RaceApp menu

Practice Server: RRLeagues.com | 3hrs of Nurburgring Practice
Password: (link)

The practice server will be up 24/7 in the ACC multiplayer lobby running the Race Day server settings.
RaceClub Rules: (here)

Server Settings
Ambient Temperature | 20°C
Clouds | 0.2
Rain | 0.2
Weather Randomness | 2
Tyre Set Count | 4
Mandatory Pit Stops | N/A
Refuelling Allowed During the Race | Yes
Compulsory Refuelling During Pit Stop | No
Compulsory Tire Change During Pit Stop | No
Formation Lap | Default formation lap w/ position control and UI
Waiting Time Before & After The Race | 300 seconds

To register for this event please head over to RaceApp and navigate to the booking tab following this link:
Booking Password: nurburger

This event will support custom car numbers and liveries made in game, but will not support external custom skins.
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Jak Camoletto

Staff member
Events Coordinator
Event updated.
  • Switched event to GT3 class only.
  • Adjusted RaceApp to not accept further GT4 bookings.
  • Increased the total number of allowed GT3 class cars to 40.
  • Qualifying for GT3 class moved forward 1 hour to 20:00 BST.
The RRL server entry list will be updated shortly.
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