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RRL-ACC-Season 44-GT4 | Race Server setup

Simon Fillingham

Staff member
Driver Champion
The race server will be launched for the commencement of the Official Practice session of each race.

Server name: RRLeagues.com | S44 GT4

Server Password: Available in RaceApp. (navigate to 'What's Up' page in menu)

The practice server password is: chicane

Allowable classes: GT4

The server setup will be as follows:

Waiting Time Before Race Start: 180s
Waiting Time After Session: 180s
Formation Lap: FREE - full lap with widget
Weather Settings: See below
Time Multiplier: x1
Tyre Sets: Unlimited
Mandatory Pitstop: No
Is Refuelling Allowed: Yes
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Simon Fillingham

Staff member
Driver Champion
S44 Weather


Weather settings in ACC are determined by 4 lines in the server set up. They are:

Ambient Temperature (°C)
Cloud Level (0-1)
Rain (0-1)
Weather Randomness (0-7 (0 = static weather; 1-4 fairly realistic weather; 5-7 more sensational))

We will be taking data from real-life weather forecasts to influence the weather settings for the practice & race servers, so race day will bear some resemblance to the actual weather in the region and will add to the drama by leaving us all guessing to some extent as to what the weather will be like come lights out.

We will source the weather readings from https://www.accuweather.com/, which provide the required values to populate the weather settings in the server setup. Temp (°C); Cloud Cover (%); Probability of Precipitation (%) readings will be used to determine the values we input into the server files. The 'Weather Randomness' value will be a fixed value for each circuit, determined by the staff, to allow the weather to realistically evolve during a session.

The 'Cloud' setting, that influences greatly the chance of rain during a session, will be subject to conversion with the intention being to eradicate the white thunderstorms we experienced early in S41 and give a more life-like rain. The conversion being:


The server 'Rain' setting will also be 50% of the forecast probability of precipitation, again, with the intention to eradicate the heavy thunderstorms.

The PRACTICE server will be updated at realistic intervals by the server admin which is likely to be daily or every other day. The weather on the practice server will always be the expected weather of RACE DAY, NOT the weather in REAL-TIME.

The RACE server will be launched with the weather setting of race day. On AccuWeather, you will see there are morning/afternoon/evening forecasts, with the in-game start time of the race determining which time of day forecast we shall use for the final race server weather settings.

Links to the weather forecast for a particular circuit can be found in the relevant race threads, where you will also find the 'Weather Randomness' value for the event.
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