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RRL-AM-S14-AUDI TT CUP | Results, Standings & Scoring system

Simon Fillingham

Staff member
Driver Champion
A comprehensive list of results and standings can be found on our homepage:


Race points will be awarded for the following positions in the championship:

Drivers must finish the race to be eligible to score points at each round.

Your worst round result will be omitted from your final points tally. This will allow for any planned/unplanned absences.
Final team points will be made by a simple calculation of both drivers total scores, after the dropped round has been applied.

In the event of a points tie at the end of a season, the driver with the most wins will be announced the winner. If this still results in a tie then it will be the driver with the most 2nd places, 3rd places, 4th places etc until we have a winner.
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